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Update: 2020-21 School Year

Lunch & Dining Safety

Our Food Services staff will create healthy meals to serve safely and efficiently following strict protocols. Dining Hall staff will also distribute lunch options from behind Plexiglas protection.

  • Lower School will have lunches delivered to the classrooms.
  • Middle School and Upper School students and staff will enter and exit the Dining Hall through marked entrances and exits; groups will be limited and crowding will be prevented.
  • Faculty supervision for lunchtimes will include:
    • Lower and Middle School teachers eating with their students in classrooms.
    • Upper School students will go to specific areas during lunch.
  • Boxed lunches and pre-packaged salads distributed to designated areas can be picked up by students and staff and enjoyed in designated eating areas.
  • Students and staff will maintain six-foot distancing using floor markers as guidelines and will be expected to follow any directional markers placed in the area.
  • Students and staff will be expected to eat outside whenever possible, weather permitting.
  • Staff may choose to eat in their office spaces.
  • If students and staff are eating lunch inside, a minimum distance of six feet must be observed at all times.
  • Masks will be worn when entering dining spaces, getting lunches, cleaning up, and exiting, and may be removed only while actively eating.
  • Appropriate spacing and cleanliness protocols will be strictly maintained during lunchtime.
  • In a change to previous practice, students will be permitted to bring their own lunches from home.
    • These lunches should contain minimal allergens for the sake of others, and contain no soda or candy; items that need to be kept cold should be packed in thermal containers or with ice packs.
    • Advisors and staff will collect information each week regarding meals taken at school or brought from home.