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Bullis School Life

The uniform is an important part of Bullis School life. It reduces superficial comparisons between people and emphasizes the common experience that we share as members of this school community. It contributes to a sense of campus decorum and simplicity. Abiding by uniform guidelines conveys a respect for others and for self that underlies the Bullis philosophy.

Modified Dress Code Information During COVID-19

Please note these additional details regarding recent modifications to the Bullis dress code requirements:

Lower School (LS)

Lower School uniform requirements will be relaxed as follows:

  • Students should wear a sneaker or tennis shoe that will be suitable for Physical Education (PE) and other outdoor activities
  • They will not need to bring a separate pair of PE tennis shoes to use at school.
  • If families have difficulty purchasing skirts, we plan to be flexible at the start of the year, as some sizes are on backorder.
  • All Lower School students are welcome to wear khaki shorts for warm weather dress.
  • For winter dress, all students may wear long-sleeved polo shirts or the oxford without a tie.

Middle School (MS)

Updated 9/10/20: Please note these updates to the MS dress code modifications.

In-Person Uniform Expectations
  • Boys and girls should wear a white or blue polo shirt.
  • Boys may wear navy, khaki, or gray bermuda-length shorts or plain-front or pleated (boot cut or straight leg) dockers/chino style pants as part of their fall weather uniform. They can wear shorts until the winter uniform requirements begin in November; please note this modification is for this year only.
  • Girls may wear navy, khaki, or gray bermuda-length shorts, plain-front or pleated (boot cut or straight leg) dockers/chino style pants, or the uniform skort as part of their fall uniform. They may wear shorts until the winter uniform requirements begin in November; please note this modification is for this year only.
  • MS students are permitted to wear Sperrys or other approved dress shoes during the day and change their shoes before athletics. They may also opt to wear their athletic shoes for the entire day.
  • Families are encouraged to purchase all-black athletic shoes for their students to align with our traditional uniform expectations. Athletic shoe exceptions will be made this year if families cannot find all-black shoes.

Remote Learning Uniform Expectations
  • When students are in a remote setting, they are required to wear a white or navy blue polo shirt.
  • Students may also wear any approved sweatshirt or quarter-zip.

Upper School (US)

  • Please note that the US warm-weather uniform does not have any changes.
  • However, when we move to the winter uniform,
    • ties will not be required, and
    • US students may choose to wear short-sleeve or long-sleeve polos or the oxford button-down shirt.

Modified Footwear

Students will not be able to change their clothes for athletics during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • They should wear black leather lace tennis shoes to school. (Please note: the shoes must be entirely black.)
  • Shoes should be made of brown or black leather and must have closed toes and heels

Please direct specific questions about LS, MS, or US dress code modifications to the division offices.

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