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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Social Media Policies & Terms Of Use

Social Media Terms of use

Bullis Social Media Guidelines and Policies for Faculty, Coaches, and Students

Current Version: V7 12/05/2023


The Bullis Social Media Guidelines and Policies (POLICY) is to address various aspects of proper social media use by BULLIS School (BULLIS) employees, faculty, coaches, students, and community members who engage in social media activity and/or use BULLIS social media accounts (ACCOUNT or ACCOUNTS) about or on behalf of BULLIS.

Social media creates opportunities to champion the BULLIS brand and for personal expression, but it also creates risks and responsibilities. 

At BULLIS, we believe the strength of social media is its ability to foster deep, meaningful relationships with our community. Our community members use social media platforms to connect with prospective families, current families, students, and alumni. This may include promotional materials, educational content, and school activities, amongst others. BULLIS takes social media seriously. Faculty, coaches, and students are all expected to show respect and follow this POLICY.


Bullis may revise these terms of use for its sites at any time without notice. Any modifications to these terms shall be effective as of the date posted. We encourage you to periodically review these terms.

Bullis School Social Media Terms of Use

This is the Social Media Terms of Use for all official Bullis School (“Bullis”, “we”, “our” and/or “us”) social media networks. These social media terms of use (the “terms”) govern our social media-based websites, accounts, pages, and applications (or collectively, our “sites”) that belong to, or are managed by Bullis, a non-profit independent K-12 grade school located in Potomac, Maryland. 

Its purpose is to share relevant news, information, and images with all past, present, and future students, teachers, friends, business partners, community members, and others who support the mission and vision of our school. We welcome all questions and comments, including criticism, but we reserve the right to remove comments, posts, and any content that is in violation of these terms or is contrary to our values. Based on your actions, we reserve the right to block you from interacting with this page.

Use Limitations and Guidelines

By using our sites, you agree to comply with the terms of the social network (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, et al.) and Bullis’s social media terms of use outlined here with regard to any content that you post/share on our sites, and you agree to our right to moderate and delete any content at our sole discretion. Your use of our sites is subject to the following guidelines:

  • Posts that include personal attacks, vulgarity, sexism, racism, and/or harass, bully, or disrespect others and/or their rights will not be tolerated, and immediately deleted and/or reported to the social network.
  • Be respectful – maintain a friendly environment.
  • Do not post material that is inappropriate or that could reasonably be deemed defamatory, offensive, or obscene. 
  • Bullis student photos and videos:
    • We do not use photos/videos of students on or from non-Bullis social media accounts. 
    • We do not use the last names of current Bullis students when posting on our page (see exceptions listed in Section 2: Bullis Social Media Guidelines & Policies for Faculty & Students).
    • Bullis faculty, coaches, students, or other affiliates may not post photos, names, or information about current Bullis students on personal social media accounts, sites, and public forums.
    • Parents posting pictures/videos of their own Bullis students use discretion and good judgment when that content includes other Bullis students. 
  • Stay relevant – stay on topic with relevant information that others may find useful.
  • Please refrain from posting political views.
  • Do not post advertisements.
  • Do not submit anything to our sites that will or may violate the rights of a third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, and/or privacy rights.
  • You agree that you shall not place false or misleading information on our sites.
  • You agree that you will not impersonate or misrepresent any person or business on our sites.


Bullis is committed to protecting the privacy of our current students and their families. Throughout the year, Bullis will take photos and videos of students during classroom activities and events, as well as school-sponsored activities that may occur off-site. These images, videos, and examples of student work of any student may be published for marketing or other purposes, including, but not limited to: articles, presentations, website, social media sites, videos, press releases, and other possible mediums. Images and videos of students are used on the public pages of the site; however, current students will only be identified by their first name and first initial of their last name. The only exception to this policy is in connection with Bullis Magazine content that may be housed on this site. 

Bullis will never post or otherwise publish confidential or protected information about its students, employees, or other community members under, but not limited to, the Family Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA), Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA), and Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

As a parent/guardian, you choose how your child’s image and name may be disclosed by Bullis. If you do not want your child’s name (first name and first initial of the last name) and/or image being released for use for any of the above-mentioned purposes, you can choose to opt out. To opt out, please email Permission to release your child’s first name and first initial of their last name and/or your child’s image is presumed unless the parent/guardian opts out.

Third-Party Use

By accessing, affiliating with, or commenting on our page, your identity may be visible to third parties not affiliated with Bullis. Depending upon your choice of profile privacy settings, third parties may be able to access your profile and personal information. Bullis is not responsible for access to your identity, profile, or personal information by third parties. It is the express responsibility of the user, or his/her parent or guardian, to protect the user’s identity, profile, and personal information. We do not, in any way, adopt, endorse, or guarantee the accuracy of content posted by others. We are not legally responsible for content posted by third parties on our sites.

Copyright/Use License

The content provided in our sites is owned or licensed by Bullis unless otherwise indicated. Unless expressly noted otherwise, everything on our sites is protected by intellectual property rights held by Bullis or other parties that have allowed Bullis to use their materials. If you wish to use our name, logo, content, or materials from our site you must request permission from Bullis.


Bullis may revise these terms of use for its sites at any time without notice. Any modifications to these terms shall be effective as of the date posted. We encourage you to periodically review these terms.


If you have questions, contact:

Bullis School
Communications Department

Updated: 2023-12-04

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