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Important Message from the Head of School

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Important Message from the Head of School

Dear Bullis Families,

In the midst of the frightening and upsetting events happening at Congress, I want to reach out.

Tomorrow, we will be conducting our remote classes as scheduled. I will address the Upper and Middle Schools first thing in the morning, and Lower School students will talk with teachers in their classes too, if it is necessary.

Our goal will be to reaffirm the school's values and to provide a sense of comfort to students who may be distraught. My message will be in support of our democratic institutions and process, and one of anti-violence. Additionally, teachers will have age-appropriate talking points ready to discuss these issues with our students. In general, I would prefer that school is not disrupted throughout the day - that will not help - but if students and teachers feel the need to discuss, we will facilitate that.

In times of turmoil, it is our job as educators and adults to provide consistency, comfort and security for our young people. Obviously, this is principally the role of parents, and we will be supporting you in doing just that. While acknowledging the seriousness of what has happened, I will be asking our faculty to project a sense of calm.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


Christian G. Sullivan
Head of School