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2020-21 Ten Proposals Approved For Grant Support

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2020-21 Ten Proposals Approved For Grant Support

The Parents Association Announces Approved 2020-2021 Faculty Enrichment Grants

2020-21 Parents Association Faculty Enrichment Grants

This year the Bullis Parents Association (PA) is excited to announce partial and full funding for the following 10 Faculty Enrichment Grants. A sincere thank you to all of our faculty and parent volunteers for supporting this school grant program.

Below is a complete list of the approved grants moving forward to become official school programming. 

  1. Reflex Math Subscription for all Lower Schoolers Grades 3-5 - This cutting edge online tool helps build essential math facts, with real-time teacher feedback on student growth, to solidify foundation prior to moving on to advanced math.
  2. Middle School Virtual Speaker Series for All Middle Schoolers - A series of up to four speakers will be presented virtually this year, followed by in-depth discussion in a small-group advisory. The areas covered will be: Equity, Inclusion and Justice; Self-Care During the Time of Covid; and Navigating the Digital World.
  3. Middle School Entrepreneurship Hackathon - A fun virtual opportunity for Middle Schoolers to be creative, explore social entrepreneurship and the US Signature Program, and win gear and prizes!
  4. Middle School Mobile Art Studios - Each individual art kit contains all necessary supplies for our MS students to safely engage in projects without Covid issues from sharing supplies, whether they are hybrid or fully remote learners.
  5. Upper School Mobile Art Studios - To keep our students safe from Covid supply sharing issues, our US Visual Arts Department created about 200 mini mobile art kits bespoke to the course that each individual student had elected.
  6. Two Professional Cameras for Recording K-12 Performances and Student Projects - Our Visual and Performing Arts Department will continue to record every student effort to make music, dramatic art, and visual art despite the prohibition on live performances—the show must go on!
  7. Exploration in Cyanotype Photography - Cyanotypes offer a safe and creative alternative for students who cannot use the traditional darkroom due to Covid safety issues.
  8. Upper School Design 101: Custom Art Mask Design Project - US art students will explore elements of design as they make and proudly wear their own Covid-fighting fashion statements!
  9. Embroidery Machine for the BITlab - This machine will be used by Middle and Upper Schoolers to rapidly execute professional-level textile projects. 
  10. Virtual South Africa Exchange for all 6th and 9th graders - This will be a professionally facilitated session of livestreamed virtual breakout groups among US students and for MS students a customized virtual tour of Cape Town’s Robben Island followed by a facilitated virtual exchange with Lionel Davis.

LS = Lower School
MS = Middle School
US = Upper School