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Bullis SchoolK-12 Private Co-Ed College Preparatory Day School

Honor Code & Handbook

Honor Code

The Bullis School Honor Code



We, members of the Bullis community, actively value integrity, courtesy, trust, and creativity. We believe that pride in our diverse community is built upon sound attitudes, judgments, and behaviors.

We, therefore, will conduct ourselves respectfully and responsibly at all times. We will abide by the philosophies, principles, and policies of the Bullis School and will conduct our daily activities in the true spirit of caring and community.

This Bullis Honor Code is a statement of commitment by the Bullis community to itself.


I will embrace truth and honesty in word and deed. 
I will respect the rights, backgrounds, and views of others. 
I will be accountable for my actions at all times.

At the start of each school year, Bullis students and faculty come together for an assembly to renew their pledge to support the Bullis Honor Code. In the assembly, student speakers from each division—Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School—present their view of the importance of the honor code and what it means to them.

A representative from the faculty also speaks to talk about the importance of the honor code and how it guides and enhances daily life at Bullis.

All students sign the Honor Code in advisories or classes during the week after the assembly, and Bullis tradition calls for that process to begin with representatives from each grade stepping forward in the assembly to sign.

School Handbook: for Students & Parents

While flexibility and innovation are at the core of how we operate, we also believe that high standards of conduct and character development are important for providing clear guidelines for students.

This handbook is intended to serve as a guide to help students and their families come to know about programs and opportunities at Bullis School as well as to set forth basic expectations for students.