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Global Village
Posted 01/30/2017 06:31PM

Students explore international cultures—all within the Blair Center

Where can you taste an empanada, a stroopwafel and chicken tikka all in one place, and then try your hand (and hips) with hula dancing? On a January day in The Blair Family Center for the Arts, students had the chance to do all this and more at the Global Village.

The 2017 event was a revival of a similar event on campus that last took place in 2008. Dr. Sara Romeyn, Humanities and Global Studies (HGS) director for Bullis, spearheaded this year's event "as a great way to introduce a variety of cultures to our Lower and Middle School students and celebrate the diversity of our community," she said. The event this year also tied in with the annual Geographic Bee and an ambassador research project of the 9th grade social studies classes. "I also wanted to make it student-centered," said Dr. Romeyn, "and have it during the school day so the students could attend and Upper School students could host some of the tables."

The event received financial support from the Bullis Parents Association through its faculty enrichment grants program, and students in the HGS capstone helped to coordinate the event.

Along with the Geographic Bee and an international fair of tables from around the world—hosted by parents, teachers and students—the event also included some musical and dance performances: hula, Kan-Kouran dance from West Africa and Brazilian Capoeira. The entire Blair Center was buzzing with music, dance, excited chatter and tasty food.

The international fair featured food, culture and crafts from 29 nations. Parents, students and teachers all got involved to showcase their native countries and cultures—or in the case of Cambodia, for our recently returned students who traveled there for winter break to share the beauty of the culture and people that they soaked in during their trip. Countries from Oman to Chile, Botswana to Israel, China to Belgium and so many were represented.

Eighteen students from the 9th grade Human Geography classes were selected to share their ambassador projects and showcase their knowledge of the country that was the focus of their research in population, migration and culture . Several of our Chinese International students hosted a table, along with students in Ms. Vellenga's Spanish 3H class who represented the food and culture of Peru.

Students from grades 2-8 "toured" the nations and sampled foods, tried craft activities, and learned about each country. They then got a sticker to place in their event passport.

Many thanks to these students, parents and teachers who helped make the 2017 Global Village event such a success and celebration of the diversity of Bullis!

9th Grade Ambassadors

Marianna Aganastou (Greece)
Grace Berry (Tanzania)
Fiona Caulfield (Australia)
Jared Cohen (Indonesia)
Joey Friedlander (Ghana) with parent Charlene Zigah
Jordan Gross (Chile)
Bora Hayri (Turkey)
Sara Jacobi (Syria)
Charlotte Helmig (Switzerland)
Olivia Kazanjian (Armenia)
Megan Landres (Sweden)
Joelle Moore (Ethiopia)
Dylan Moore (Ethiopia)
Pedro Petcov Neto (China)
Caleb Robinson (Egypt)
Rachel Sita (Japan) with parent Yuko Wain
Kieffer Williamson (Ecuador)
Mark Williams (Cuba)

Spanish 3H G block, representing Peru

Laila Booker '20
Mira Fink '19
Olandis Gary '18
Jack Geifman '20
Zion Hawkins '19
Joe Martin '20
Daniel Matcha '19
Jonathan Mejia '19
Emilia Psacharopoulos '19
Brinley Rianhard '19
Mark Schlager '19
Ephraim Shaw '20
Katherine Shiff '18
Kenna Zier '20
(Note: other students in the class were already involved as ambassadors)

Chinese Table

Lydia Hong '18
Margaret Hu '19
Sally Li '19
Pedro Petcov Neto '20
Lulu Sha '19
Leo Wang '19

Cambodia Table

Perrin Benagh '18
William Evans '18
Brooke Morgan '18
Jessica Ravitch '18
Sydney Smith '18
Joy Stewart '17
Gemma Sun '19
Tomas Yang '18 HGS

Capstone Student Coordinators

Julia Lowenthal '17
Merrill Wheeler '17
Nicole Zuckerman '17


Glaucia Petcov, Brazil
Karen Lewis, Netherlands
Livia Christensen, Germany
Margaret Bonham, Belgium
Maisa Al Adawai, Oman
Monique Buckles, Israel
Newman family, Botswana
Pauletta Nwosu and Pamela Sofola, Nigeria
Charlene Zigah, Ghana
Yuko Wain, Japan
Anjali Schruefer and Manju Malkani, India


Duon Dong, Vietnam
Lisa Vardi, Israel
Hillary Vellenga, Peru

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