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Walking to Venus
Posted 04/20/2017 06:58AM

3rd grade musical takes students on a magical adventure

Four campers see Venus from their backyard and decide to try to walk to it.

Thus, "Walking to Venus" became the latest original musical by Rob Cohen (3rd grade teacher Carolyn Cohen's husband and prolific playwright who has scripted many of her classes' productions over the last many years).

In the play, the campers fall asleep as are soon on a journey—is it a dream?—and meet several tribes along their way. Each tribe teaches them of the importance of thinking for themselves.

The tribes consist of...

The Wannas, selfish people who think they should get everything they want.
The What-Ifs, who can't make a decision because they are afraid to be wrong with so many possibilities.
The Wrongorites who see things in one way only—either black or white.
The Jokers: everything is a joke for them. Their wisdom is to laugh along the way.
The Unos, who can only speak in one word at a time.

Each tribe has its own song and the campers sing their own songs as well, along with a finale of campers and tribes singing together when the campers wake up and remember their journey.

"The kids sang beautifully," said Mrs. Cohen. "They moved on the stage, learned their lines and even took on the character in their actions."

And while the students focused on the details to prepare for the show, the meaning of the production was not lost on them. "My favorite line in the play is the last one," recalled Cassie S., "when one of the campers says, 'I think we'll always be walking to Venus.' "

We became artists, athletes and learners. We became friends. We became Bullis!

Mark W. '20, 5th grade reflection

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