Signature Program: Visual and Performing Arts

Compose a musical score for an historic, silent film, and conduct the student Jazz Band to perform the music during a screening of the film.

Choreograph, produce and perform a repertoire of original dance works.

Write, cast, produce and perform a series of original one-act plays.

Develop an extensive portfolio of visual artwork that extends your personal voice and ability further than ever before.

VPA inspires and engages every Bullis student, from any beginner to those with dreams of career in the arts…and all students in between. The program provides a foundation for life-long enjoyment and appreciation of the arts, while also inspiring students with higher aspirations by providing preparation and rich experiences to help them reach their artistic goals.

Lower School students enjoy regular classes in visual art, music and theater performance, and productions and art shows fill the calendar. Students use the same high-quality performance spaces as older students, while working within a right-sized art studio for their visual work. They may also begin to play a musical instrument and take private lessons right on campus.

Middle School students have a range of courses and experiences to select from. In 8th grade they may begin to specialize by selecting major or minor concentrations in arts-related courses, clubs and activities. Student work is showcased throughout the year in Jazz Cafes, concerts, competitions, dance and visual art shows.

In Upper School, students select from a diverse and expansive range of electives in acting, technical theater, dance, music and visual arts. Specialized interdisciplinary offerings utilize technology in an artistic context.

Students can further engage outside of the classroom in extracurricular activities by taking part in our highly successful dramatic and musical productions, engaging studio art experiences or performing in an after-school dance program.

Students who elect to pursue the Signature Program designation take the senior year VPA capstone. They work independently to produce a serious body of work and explore areas of artistic interest in-depth. With the guidance of experienced artistic mentors, students cultivate autonomy and develop their own artistic voice. VPA capstone students perform, present and critique each other’s work at bi-weekly salons which help them to continually refine their skills and prepare for a series of final culminating performances and presentations which showcase their achievements.

It has been extremely helpful as an actor to understand what a writer has to go through to create a good script, an experience I would not have had without this capstone.

Sarah DeLeonibus ’17

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