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Honor Societies

National Honor Society

Bullis annually selects students to its chapter of the Senior National Honor Society in accordance with the society’s national by-laws. “Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving students by the faculty and shall be based on the criteria of outstanding scholarship, service, leadership, and character.” (N.H.S. Bullis School Chapter By-laws).

Selection Process: The selection of active members is held once a year during the third trimester of the school year. Students are first eligible in the third trimester of their sophomore year. Students possessing a minimum cumulative 91.5 average are nominated for membership. Students who have received a warning for academic dishonesty during the school year will not be eligible to apply during the current school year but may apply the following year and will be asked to address the issue in their application. Students who have had multiple violations of the Honor Code are not eligible to apply. Students wishing to pursue their nomination complete an application form detailing information on their service to the school and community, participation in school life and areas of leadership. The NHS advisors compile a file on each student, which includes his or her application form, transcript, conduct record and a faculty evaluation based on the four criteria of character, leadership, scholarship and service in the Bullis community.

A faculty council consisting of five faculty members appointed by the principal is responsible for electing students to membership. Members of the faculty council evaluate anonymous copies of each student’s file. A student must receive at least three positive votes to be accepted for membership. After a final tally of the votes, the advisors inform the faculty council of the students they elected. The NHS advisors then send letters to all nominees informing them of the decision of the faculty council. Eligible students not approved for induction may appeal to the Upper School Principal who may re-convene the faculty council to re-evaluate applications. Candidates become active members when inducted at a special ceremony.

Membership: A student must maintain a cumulative average of 91.5 percent and an 87.5 average each trimester, participate actively in NHS activities and consistently uphold the school’s code of conduct to remain a member. Students are expected to actively work with other NHS members to positively impact the scholarship, character, service and leadership of the Bullis community in and out of the classroom. NHS activities often include: working with younger students to prepare for exams, and numerous service activities for the school and outside charities. Funds raised by NHS students are donated to national charities.

Any student who fails to meet the society standards will receive a written warning and may be asked to meet with the faculty council to discuss the situation. The faculty council may dismiss any student who violates the by-laws of the society or the rules of the school. Members committing a violation of the school Honor Code, including any act of academic dishonesty, may be immediately dismissed from the National Honor Society and be ineligible for re-induction as determined by the faculty council.

Middle School National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society is an organization designed “to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship.” National Junior Honor Society students engage in school and community service. They help coordinate the annual Thanksgiving baskets project and spring cereal drive in addition to other annually selected projects. Seventh and 8th grade students apply and are selected for NJHS at the end of the second trimester.

National Arts Honor Society

The Bullis Chapter of the National Arts Honors Society (NAHS) annually inducts members who have shown interest, talent and commitment to visual art and arts community service. The Bullis NAHS commits itself to promoting visual art, creating art-related opportunities in the community, and furthering art education as a major part of the Bullis curriculum.

Selection Process: Membership in NAHS is based on fulfilling five hours of art-related community service from the start of school to the induction ceremony in April. While students do not need to be enrolled in one of the advanced art classes, it is highly encouraged that all students participate in visual art for three trimesters. All students enrolled in advanced level visual art courses are strongly encouraged to seek membership in NAHS. Approximately one month before the induction ceremony takes place, all individuals with the required amount of hours may submit an application to the Society’s Secretary. The Secretary will organize all the applications and present them to the Executive Committee, which will then vote on the candidates.

All votes must have the majority of the Executive Committee behind them. If there is a tie, the faculty advisors for the chapter will deliberate and make the final call for induction. Once the new members are selected, the Secretary will write a letter to the Executive Committee Chair nominating the Slate of Officers for the following year.

Governance: NAHS is special because it is both a society and a club. Governance is administered by the Executive Committee, which is chaired by one individual who presides over the induction ceremony and Executive Committee meetings. A separate President manages the club section of the chapter and organizes and facilitates club meetings and activities. By having two leading figures, we are able to broaden our reach into the Bullis community and elsewhere.

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