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Middle School Activities

Student Government

Middle School Student Government is an organization that represents the wishes of the students and offers students the opportunity to propose changes in school policies. Its elected officers help organize schoolwide events, generate school spirit and work to improve the quality of student life. Student government has created new student activities (TV and activity nights), organized fundraisers for disaster relief (earthquakes and tsunamis) and worked with the administration to revise the student snack and dress code.

By creating opportunity for student voice, students learn skills in public speaking, collaboration, communication, and responsibility.


Sixth Grade students have the opportunity to plant and cultivate a plot in the School garden. Each week the students plan, seed, weed and maintain the land. They also select the plants to cultivate from pumpkins to lettuce and tomatoes. Some of the vegetables are harvested for the Dining Hall.

4th/8th Grade Buddies

Each year our 8th grade students have the opportunity to partner with a 4th grader or two. The 8th grade students work with the 4th grade teachers to design educational and fun activities. The 4th grade students enjoy the support and friendship and the 8th grade students get hands-on leadership experience.

National Junior Honor Society

The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is an organization designed “to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership, to develop character, and to encourage good citizenship.” In the Bullis Middle School, NJHS is a recognition program to honor and celebrate students who have engaged in community service, supported school-related activities, and display an enthusiasm and passion for learning.

Eligibility for NJHS starts with students earning an overall 92% (or higher) grade point average (GPA) from their entry point into the Middle School. GPA’s are calculated after the second trimester for students in the 8th grade. Students then have the option of applying for membership through a student activity application and personal essay. All applications are blindly reviewed by a panel of teachers. If selected, students are then recognized at an annual induction ceremony.


In a digital world, many of today’s newspapers are transitioning away from the paper product or adding digital components. The Bullis Middle School paper has done that as well. Instead of a paper product, students create videos and slide shows about school events, learning filming, editing and sound techniques.

Green Challenge

Each year Bullis participates in a month-long competition around Earth Day to increase our recycling, reduce energy consumption and reuse materials. Bullis competes against area independent schools, charting energy reduction. Middle School students manage the competition and gather data on results on a weekly basis. They also create assemblies designed to change behaviors and increase awareness.

Middle School Clubs

Middle School club offerings change each season. Below is a sample of clubs students have enjoyed recently.

Adventures in Rocket Science

Do you like watching things fly through the air? Ever wonder how far into Outer Space we can really travel or what makes things go up and stay in space and other objects fall back to earth?

In this club students build vehicles to see how high, how fast or how quickly their speed changes. They also get a chance to experiment with movement and propulsion of all sorts of people and vehicles, from bikes to trains and rockets. The club will also witness a real rocket launched into space at NASA’s Wallops Island, Virginia National Test Range.

Book Club

Students will select books to read together and discuss. We also participate in other literacy projects such as reading to younger children, collecting books to donate, chat with visiting Skype authors and plan group trips to local literary events. The group is also involved in creating library contests, incentives and events for the Middle School.

Bullis Ambassadors

Affiliated with the School’s Admission Office, ambassadors give tours to visitors and prospective students and their families.

Diversity Club

The Middle School Diversity Club welcomes all students to meet, discuss, and have their voices heard. Through thought-provoking activities and discussions, students will explore what diversity means to a middle schooler and how diversity awareness and understanding can have a positive impact on the community. Most activities will be student-driven to create a school where all feel welcome and valued.

Equestrian Club

This club brings together all students who share a love of horses and who would like to learn more about our equine companions. The students each trimester choose the topics of interest, from such topics as horse behavior, horse care, riding disciplines, training, tack and more.


Ethos, the Middle School student e-newsletter showcases current events and interesting stories from Middle School. Students determine the content and handle all reporting and writing and production to be the voice of the Middle School community and keep all students and parents up-to-date about activities, events, teachers, classes, and more!

Everyday Tech

Everyday Technologies looks at how much of what we rely on in our everyday lives came to be: from electricity, clean water, telephone, cell phone, computer games, television, to the internet and more. Students will explore history and discuss what the future might bring, making presentations and working in groups.

Film Appreciation Club

Students study the finer aspects of critiquing a film, and the background and history of films, including screenwriters, directors, and actors.

Greener Bullis Club

Blue Team + Gold Team = Green Team! The Bullis Green club helps Bullis be a greener school. We will the School’s participation in the Green Cup Recycling Challenge, a national competition to increase environmental awareness, and set up other competitions of Blue vs. Gold inside our campus to become a green school leader by improving recycling, saving paper, reducing trash, and saving energy and money. The club also explores the natural areas on around campus to explore how to support our resident wildlife.

Investing Club

In turbulent economic times, financial literacy is more important than ever. Through the Investing Club, students will learn how to develop good personal finance habits and de-mystify the stock market.

Jazz Band

MS Jazz Band is open to instrumentalists interested in pursuing the study of jazz music. Focusing on learning a wide range of fun music and developing improvisation skills, the club will also perform during the school year, including with the Upper School at several Bullis Jazz Cafes.

Mask-making Mania

Create a light-weight, wearable mask for Halloween or Marti Gras! Students will be able to draw on their creativity while learning new techniques to design and build a mask you can wear or hang on the wall. Club members will be guided through each step of the process, including casting, sculpting, painting and decorating these wearable works of art.

Math Club

Math Club is for 8 build the skills necessary to successfully compete in any math competition!

Spanish Culture Club

Members explore geography, vocabulary and expressions and festivals and conduct research to learn all about Spanish-speaking countries, people and their cultures.

Success With Study Skills

Enhance your success in middle school (and the future!) by learning basic study and organizational skills. Student members will learn strategies to set goals organize time and assignments, work with teachers and record progress. By doing so, members can decrease stress, increase confidence, and improve learning and achievement.

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