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Middle School Athletics

Fostering integrity, respect, responsibility and participation

The Middle School athletic program fosters the same values of integrity, respect, responsibility and participation that are embodied in every Bullis classroom. Participation is an integral part of the athletic philosophy at the Middle School level. Students have the opportunity to take risks and try something new in a safe, positive environment while learning important life skills and developing physical fitness. The lessons learned from athletic participation are invaluable and help in the development of self-esteem and self-confidence in our students. Students develop socially while learning lessons of character, respect, sportsmanship, teamwork and cooperation. Appropriate emphasis is placed on competition and students are taught how to win and lose gracefully, while they are prepared with the skills and game concepts for Bullis Upper School Athletics.


The Middle School athletic program provides competitive, interscholastic activities for students. Each student is required to participate in an athletic activity every season--except in the winter trimester for those students who are in the Middle School musical. Tryouts for each sport are held at the start of each season; teams are then created on the basis of skill level. At Bullis, we believe that each child will have more success when placed on the team that is most appropriate for his or her skill level. The division of the teams allows for a positive experience for all Middle School students.

Schedule and Transportation

Middle School athletics take place during the school day on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Most games last from 1 to 1-½ hours. Students riding after-school buses may need to make arrangements for alternative transportation on some game days, especially when games are away. Pickup time at Bullis for away games is between 4:00 and 4:30 p.m. If needed, students may stay for After Care and ride the late bus at no extra charge. If parents go to away games, they may take their son/daughter home with them, as long as they inform the coach. A coach will not leave a student at an away game site if the parent is not there. All students will return to Bullis.

Middle School Team Levels and Philosophies

A: Students at this level have the necessary skills to compete against other “A” level teams. There is no guarantee of equal playing time. Students are preparing for Upper School teams.

B: Students participate to develop and strengthen individual skills and team concepts in preparation to compete at the next level. All students will participate in games.

C: “C” teams exist for both boys and girls basketball. Basic skills and team concepts are taught. All students will participate in games, with playing time as equal as possible.

Eligibility and Attendance Requirement for Participation in School Activities

Any student absent for three or more periods in any school day is not eligible to participate in any athletic contest, practice, student activity or program that day. Any part of a period beyond two periods counts as the third missed period. This policy is subject to the discretion of the Middle School Principal and the Middle School Athletic Director and Middle School Musical Director.

Middle School students must maintain an average of 70 percent and have no failing grades in a trimester to participate fully in our athletic programs and the Middle School musical. Grades will be reviewed at the mid-trimester and again at the end of each trimester. If a student does not meet the academic criteria, the advisor will meet with the student’s teachers, and separately with the student to determine what is keeping the child from greater academic success. With that information in hand, a team including the advisor, counselor, grade level coordinator and the learning specialist will meet to develop an improvement plan. That plan will most likely include a daily checklist that will be monitored by the School. This checklist could include homework completion, class participation and required meetings with teachers during extra instruction. The student will also initially be suspended from competition for two weeks. The student’s academic performance will be reassessed after two weeks and will be based on grades, effort, teacher comments and other necessary indicators of progress. A student will become eligible once he or she has demonstrated effort and progress, and a plan has been put in place to continue the improvement.

Middle School Athletic/Activity Offerings

Fall Sports
Cross Country (coed)
Boys’ Soccer
Girls’ Soccer
Field Hockey
Girls’ Tennis

Winter Sports
Boys’ Basketball
Girls’ Basketball
Ice Hockey — Important: hockey program has an additional charge.
Swimming (Coed)

Winter Activities
Winter Musical*
Four Star Tennis (coed)* — Important: tennis has an additional charge.
Girls’ Strength and Conditioning

Spring Sports
Boys’ Lacrosse
Girls’ Lacrosse
Track & Field (coed)
Boys’ Tennis

* Sports can have multiple teams in their sport based on numbers and ability. This decision will be determined by the athletic director.

Students are required to purchase their uniforms through the school. Students who participate in the football program should purchase their equipment through the school.

Athletics are important at Bullis because they help our students win in many ways. Working together, exploring abilities and pushing boundaries—it’s all part of education.

Athletics Staff

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