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Middle School: Grades 6 through 8

Middle School Academic Program

In an atmosphere that nurtures students while preparing them for the responsibility of upper grades, the Middle School offers students engaging classrooms, creative opportunities and teachers who mix rigor with warmth to build community and individual confidence.

Middle School Arts

Exploring media, traditions and voice in artistic expression.

Middle School Athletics

Part of the school day, Athletics provide MS students the chance to explore sports and play on an intra-school team.

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Supporting the student’s emotional, moral, social and intellectual development through small-group discussions.

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Experiential Education

Our start-of-the-year tradition that brings classes together through off-campus adventures.

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Our Faculty

Representing an impressive array of credentials and experience, all with a dedication to students.

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Middle School Activities

Clubs and other activities providing extra-curricular options for all interests.

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Academic Support

Learning and reading specialists provide help to students to be successful.

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Marriott Family Library

Resources to expand learning beyond the classroom.

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Community Service

In-school and after-school opportunities that develop the student’s nurturing soul and teach them the power of taking care of others.

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Middle School News

Read about the latest news and events from Middle School.

Welcome from Dr. Marilyn Moreno

Middle School Principal

Welcome to Bullis Middle School! The staff anxiously awaits the new school year. As teachers prepare rigorous academic courses, athletics activities and visual/performing arts lessons: middle school students are encouraged to experience the unknown, learn from mistakes and find ways to apply new knowledge to their world.

Middle School is a time:

  • When students are primed to scale great heights academically and socially,
  • When teens discover passageways to transition into adulthood,
  • When students learn new things by persistence and grit, and;
  • When students experience impulsive behavior that lead to mishaps essential for growing, learning and maturing.

Parents of adolescents are encouraged to:

  • Keep teens involved in sports, clubs and afterschool activities.
  • Listen more and give less advice to learn more about their teen.
  • Develop trust by validating feelings.
  • Open doors of communication by finding something in common you and your adolescent enjoy.

Excerpts from “Understanding the Teenage Brain, The Promise and the Peril” Science Classics Magazine

As parents provide guidance and understanding, the Middle School staff promises to incorporate Bullis core values in the curriculum to develop outstanding citizens, encourage diversity acceptance and promote cultural competencies.

Service projects and volunteer opportunities are also embedded as we cultivate students that embrace the slogan “Lead the Bullis Way.”

We’re so glad you’re here!

Bullis School
10601 Falls Road Potomac MD 20854
301.299.8500 ・ Contact Us

Latest Campus News

At 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 19, most businesses and schools were shut down because of the Covid-19 outbreak, but for students of Bullis School, a full school day was beginning. How did Bullis create a remote K-12 experience true to the best about the school and stand it up in a matter of days? Here is a behind-the-scenes look into what went into the seamless transition to the Bullis Remote Learning Program.
9th Grade Human Geography students completed a 3-day Model United Nations Simulation this week on the topic of climate change and the ways in which countries can work together.
Choice, collaboration, and growth without grades: during Bullis Discovery Days, students and teachers pause their regular school routines for an immersive experience in something new.
Human Geography Megacity Project
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