One-to-One Laptop Program

Program Overview

Bullis has increased its focus on integrating technology into all areas of curriculum and into all grades. As a result, ever-increasing opportunities for different technologies are emerging to provide our students with learning experiences that are engaging, innovative and creative.

With the School’s stated core academic values of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, resourcefulness and creativity in the forefront of our strategic planning, the Bullis administration determined that to achieve our educational goals we need to ensure consistent access to technology resources among all students through a one-to-one laptop program.

Details by Grade

The Bullis laptop program will be implemented in each division with a carefully and thoughtfully developed program.

Starting new in the 2013-2014 school year, all Lower School students have one-to-one access to school-provided iPads to “Record, Reflect and Celebrate.” In addition to traditional activities like research and writing, students will use iPads to reflect on work, record their reflections and celebrate their work sharing with classmates, parents and the entire community. This process of sharing is known to help with retention and reinforcement of the learning process, and the ease, mobility and tools that the iPad offers will allow students to communicate, collaborate, compare and collect information, and archive work in a wide variety of formats.

For grades 6-12, families are asked to provide a laptop for their child(ren). Each family will be able to choose the type of laptop that will work best for them. Generally speaking, a Mac or PC that is less than four years old on which Microsoft Office is installed will typically work well. Students will be able to download Microsoft Office at no cost using a Bullis provided account. Student's will be given the necessary information during their technology orientation.


Please see the specifications below as a guide to ensure your laptop will permit full functionality for your student in the classroom.

Minimum Specifications Recommended Specifications
For PC:
Software Microsoft Office 2007*
Anti-Virus Software
Microsoft Office 2010*
Anti-Virus Software
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 7
Processor 1 (GHz) Greater than 1 (GHz)
Hard Disk 100 GB 250 GB
For Apple:
Software Microsoft Office 2008 Microsoft Office 2011
Operating System OS X 10.6 OS X 10.7
Processor Intel Core i3
Hard Disk 100 GB 250 GB

*Students will be able to download Microsoft Office at no cost using a Bullis provided account. Student's will be given the necessary information during their technology orientation.


  1. Should I buy a Mac or a PC?

    Either type of computer is fine.The program is referred to as “bring your own laptop” so that each family can choose the type of computer that they feel most comfortable with.
  2. Can my student use an iPad or an Android tablet as their computer?

    No. Although the new tablet computers show a great deal of promise, in many regards they still have too many limitations to make them adequate.
  3. Will Bullis help if my student’s laptop is not working properly?

    Yes. We have staff available to help students by troubleshooting problems and repairs for many common issues. Although the staff will do what they can to assist students, are not able to do major system work. Staff will refer students to service providers who can perform significant hardware and software repairs in these circumstances.
  4. What should I do if my student’s computer is broken or lost?

    Bullis will provide students with a short-term loaner computer so that students will be able to maintain their studies until they can get their own computer working again.
  5. Will computers be used every day in every class?

    Technology provides opportunity for many rich educational experiences, but it is only one of many tools that teachers will use to engage students. There will be a range of usage across the school depending on the needs of the course and students.
  6. Will all textbooks be online/ebooks?

    The textbook industry has been slowly offering more and more electronic versions of their textbooks. There is also a great variability in the quality and ease of use of current electronic books. We will continue to search for opportunities to provide texts in formats that provide richer content, are more portable and are more affordable than their paper counterparts.
  7. Will buying a computer from Bullis’ online store be more economical than purchasing one on my own?

    The online store is being offered as a convenience to parents, and is being developed with a vendor the school already has a relationship with to provide a good quality computer at a good price. This store also provides options which ensure that the specifications of each computer will meet the recommendations stated above and as a guide for those unsure of what to choose. The laptops offered through the Bullis online store are competitively priced; however, they are not guaranteed to be the lowest price possible.

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