Posted 06/13/2017 06:05PM

Second annual event fun for all

A safari theme was a perfect backdrop for a night of wild fun, adventurous dancing and memorable connections!

Continuing a partnership with KEEN of Greater DC, more than 150 Upper School students came together to create the 2nd annual KEEN Prom, a special evening for KEEN athletes and their parents. Bullis students decorated the Bullis Athletic Center and designed special 'promposal' posters to welcome their KEEN buddies when they arrived for the event.

To cover the cost for the event, Bullis students raised more than $7000 through a variety of fundraising activities, including utilizing Facebook—which in turn led to interest from Facebook itself, who sent a camera crew to document the event. Eighty KEEN athletes came for the evening, to dance and play with their Bullis buddies and each other.

Parents also enjoyed the event. "We loved everything about it," wrote Martha Gabler, parent of a KEEN athlete, "the beautifully decorated gym, the 'wild' theme, the music and dancing, and most of all, the two very nice students who accompanied Douglas (and who got a little more running around than they expected).

"The Bullis students did a wonderful job for the KEEN kids. I told Douglas's helpers that they were not only supporting Douglas and his KEEN buddies, they were supporting the parents. These events are rare opportunities for parents to get together, re-establish connections, talk, and support each other. We had a blast!"

Bullis parent and KEEN board member Barbara Guterman agreed: "The kids danced from the first note of the DJ until the very end. One of the highlights of the night was KEEN Athlete Bijan Baghari who sang "Imagine" by John Lenon to the crowd. It was an unforgettable and moving moment.

"The other wonderful image I will keep in my mind was the endless congo line headed by a young man in a wheelchair and followed by everyone else as the line weaved its way through and around the Big Jungle Gym. It was a remarkable evening of friendship, devotion, inclusion and of love. I personally have never been so proud of our Bullis Students. They are remarkable young people."

KEEN Athlete Brian Blumenreich sent this letter, capturing the spirit of the event:

I want thank all of the Bullis High School students and KEEN people for making the prom so fun and special.
I loved every moment.
My favorite part of the KEEN Prom was dancing with a girl named Alex.
The DJ was so great!
All of my KEEN friends had such a good time.
I loved seeing all their smiling punims.
I hope there's a KEEN Prom again next year!
If there is, I will be there!

View a photo gallery of the KEEN Prom.

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