Marine Biology IDs Tank Residents
Posted 05/23/2017 01:45PM

Class project makes info on fish tank contents easily available

Thanks to Ms. Nutter's Marine Biology class, students now can quickly learn about the various species and organisms in the Library fish tank.

Students first researched one of the species in the tank and made individual websites about each one. They then created QR codes for each URL so that any smartphone could easily connect with the websites and then posted each code on a sheet posted next to the fish tank.

"This project came out of a conversation I had with [librarian] Ms. Clarke last fall when I was asking her what species were in the tank," explained Ms. Nutter. " She told me there was no comprehensive list of species, so we made one!"

Here is the poster that was installed next to the tank, or if you would prefer to view the sites without scanning any QR codes, here is the full list of each website URL.

The websites were created using Adobe Spark, and were specifically designed to work well on mobile devices via the QR code. "I got that idea from [tech coordinator] Stacey Roshan," said Ms. Nutter, "so this whole project came out of some great collaboration with my colleagues!"

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