Video of the Week: Community Service Awards Virtual Celebration
Posted 05/22/2020 10:19AM

Celebrating Over 9,000 Hours of Community Service


Kade Friedlander, a junior at Bullis School, helps deliver food at a Montgomery County elementary school. Kade volunteers with Peace First helping insure that those in need know how to access school meal sites.

A key component of Bullis' balanced approach is including opportunities for students to gain broader perspectives on their world. Locally, students regularly engage in a range of community service projects, from single events to ongoing commitments with shelters, food banks, and other organizations that provide services in the community.

Bullis requires no community service hours for graduation; rather, our students participate in community service because they genuinely enjoy it.

Our students logged in over 9,000 hours of community service this year helping organizations including:

Please watch this special video celebrating the service work done by many of our Bulldogs - Kudos!


2020 Community Service Award Recipients

Gold (over 100 hours of service)

  • Aarifah Ullah
  • Austin Brown
  • Bethany Smith
  • Brad Yang
  • Caroline Andersen
  • Carolyn Tang
  • Dingda Jason Yang
  • Drew Walker
  • Fanyao Tony Zeng
  • Farah Pahlavi
  • Ian McDaniels
  • Julia Evans
  • Juliana Leith
  • Kade Friedlander
  • Lea Tang
  • Leah Morgan Ross
  • Lily Bernstein
  • Lucy Byer
  • Mark Williams
  • Matt Koff
  • Meihe Jessica Yang
  • Rhyan Goozh
  • Scott Xu
  • Sloane Bernstein
  • Sydney Rodman
  • Teresa Li
  • Zechang Charlie Yang

Silver (75 hours)

  • Chloe Chon
  • Herry Wang
  • Jared Cohen
  • Meghan Simpson
  • Tasmia Rahman

Bronze (50 hours)

  • August Phelps
  • Bryan Tan
  • Charlie Blunt
  • Charlotte Caine
  • Charlotte Helmig
  • Coco Guo
  • Demetri Engel
  • Dylann Hanrahan
  • Ella Rosoff
  • Jacob Sanders
  • Jennifer Sha
  • Jerry Cai
  • Jesper Chen
  • John Wu
  • Jonathan Lowenthal 
  • Liam Handel
  • Mack Lin
  • Mark Wang
  • Mick Dwyer
  • Naiyae Evans
  • Nathaniel Lombardo
  • Nicholas Dal Forno
  • Nolan McKew
  • Rashidat Orideidi
  • Rhys McKew
  • Robbie Hays
  • Sara Pollard
  • Sasha Hanson
  • William Dal Forno
  • Zach Senders


Thank you to our students who are helping in the community!

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