Fifth Grade Poets
Posted 04/09/2020 11:54AM

Students in 5th grade are learning about Poetry in Language Arts. They are keeping a Poetry Anthology on Google Classroom. Thus far, students have written color poetry, ode poetry, abecedarian poetry, cinquain poetry, blues poetry, and apology poems. Here are a few examples of student work: 


Ode to a Spider

In a web
A masterpiece
That couldn't be stronger
If it was made of steel



Always there
Bounds to meet you
Coming home
Dogs act like you've been gone for days
Even if it's been
Five minutes
Growling, and play-bowing
Happy tails wagging and blissfully
Ignorant of trouble
Jubilant, for your homecoming, has solved all their problems
Keep the bone or bury it?
Mommy will want it, or sister, or brother, they think
Now they present it, and sit,
Openly admitting to being lonely
People are all they need,
Quizzical faces when you turn them down
Read a book and
Shoo them away
They go, but come back
Understanding that you need company, They have 
Vowed to always
Want you, no matter what, they have 
X-ray vision, they see
Your feelings, and know what to do
Zap you back to happy, and then lead you to your brother's bedroom. They peed on the floor, and chewed through his monitor cord.



Warm like the sun
Bright like the light outside
Tastes like bananas
Looks like your teeth if you don't brush them for a year.


HOT PINK is sassiness

Like my two sisters trying to annoy me
Like when I'm performing as the Dragon in the play
As my amazing butterfly necklace dazzles in the sunshine.


This is Just to Say

I have driven
Your $40,000
Brand new car
and which you probably didn't want a fingerprint on
Forgive me
it was just so satisfying
and fun to drive


Ode to the doctors

You are so helpful
Especially around this time
Thank you for risking your lives for us
I am especially grateful for you
And Thank you


Ode to my mom

You always ask
If I am ok
You are always
Nice and caring
To me you are
The best mom anyone
Could ever have

Inside blues

I've got the inside blues
I've got the sitting, boring, waiting blues
There's nothing to do
I've got the blues
Can I see my friends, blues
I'm still sitting, waiting, boredom blues

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