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How Tech Tools Can Reduce Anxiety And Strengthen Relationships With Students
Posted 10/31/2019 11:14AM
by Stacey Roshan, Director of Innovation and Educational Technology

San Francisco Public Media outlet KQED recently highlighted the pioneering work of Bullis's own  Director of Innovation and Educational Technology and math teacher Stacey Roshan's using educational technology to reach all students.  Here's an excerpt of and link to the story.

Pencils down, time's up.
Capture all multiples of five before the timer is up. Game over!

In elementary school, I felt as if I was always being timed in math. And I could never finish in time. Tests made me panic, I had to count on my fingers and toes, and my friend was always faster than me when we practiced flashcards. My teachers told me that I didn't know the material well enough and my friend was smarter. And I believed them.

To top this all off, I was a perfectionist. I wanted to raise my hand and participate, but uncertainty, combined with the time-sen­sitive pressure to be the first to raise my hand and be called on, was oftentimes too much. And so, even though I was always eager to participate, it may not have always seemed this way to my teachers.

I decided early on in my teaching that I wanted to reduce the stress level in my classroom. It's why I flipped my classroom, after all. As I've looked to technology to help me reimagine how class runs, I have been very deliberate in my approach. I'm careful to dissect the problem and need before jumping to the tech. Thinking back to my own experiences in school and how I felt in the class­room has led me to focus on these driving questions... » Continue Reading

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