Humanities and Global Studies Capstone Projects
Posted 12/13/2017 03:29PM

Broad array of projects undertaken in largest HGS capstone class yet

Humanities & Global Studies (HGS) capstone students from the Class of 2018 have embarked on an ambitious set of projects, during which they will learn to "turn passion into practice," as guided by their teacher Dr. Sara Romeyn, director of the HGS program at Bullis.

Humanities & Global Studies combines social studies, literature, language, and the arts to create an environment for students to develop and enrich their global competence. The program fosters an interconnected view of cultures as a means of considering solutions to global challenges and effecting change.

The year-long capstone seminar, open only to seniors, is similar to captones in the other Bullis signature programs of STEM, Visual & Performing Arts, and Entrepreneurship. Each provides a chance for students to take a 'deep dive' into an area of interest. Students develop their own projects, which are research-based and experiential in nature, sending students into the world to travel and/or volunteer in community programs.

Students may work individually or in teams, and all are mentored by adult specialists in their program area. Many are Bullis parents or staff members, and all bring a passion and commitment to their area of specialty that is invaluable to the students' projects.

Here are the projects from the 2018 HGS capstone class:

  1. Sabrina Hosmer and Madeleine Polun are studying gender equity in sports and athletics and he role of athletics on girls' self-esteem. They launched the Bullis "Girls on the Run" chapter this fall. Mentors: Nikki Herson Cohen, Mimi Arnold, and Maureen Martin
  2. Caroline Acocella and Jessica Ravitch are examining the Syrian Refugee Crisis--its causes, solutions, and the American response. They plan to develop and implement a lesson plan on refugees for Bullis 4th grade students, and also develop a spring photo exhibit on immigrants and refugees.Mentors: Anna Bjerde and Robert Grossman
  3. Rachel Gordon and Sophie McIntyre are exploring global urban homelessness: causes, solutions, and cross-cultural comparisons. They are volunteering with Greentree Shelter, where they will host a holiday party, and prepare and serve meals. They also plan to work at several other area shelters, and will create a lesson plan for the Middle School Emerging Leaders Academy. Mentor: Tracey Friedlander
  4. Hayley Sanders is studying teen drinking, driving and decision making. She is providing support to the Bullis 8th grade drug/alcohol awareness program, will lead a Middle School advisory program, and provide an informational presentation to the Upper School. Mentors: Lauren Keller and Jacque Cilento
  5. Athena Skoufias is exploring Indonesian culture and tradition as impacted by globalization and tourism. She is traveling to Indonesia and will serve as student coordinator for the Bullis Global Village. Mentor: Glaucia Petcov
  6. Sydney Smith is promoting respectful dialogue in conjunction with diversity and equity curriculum in schools. She has (with fellow student Joce Quinn, see below) launched a Bullis edition of Insight: Diversity Magazine, and will host a "lunch and learn" series for Upper School students. Mentors: Lakesia Cameron and Talia Fox (photo not available)
  7. Ben Vardi is researching Zionism and Israeli identity as expressed through art. He is coordinating a solo art show of paintings and representations of Israel. Mentors: Kathleen Adams and Scott Maravilla
  8. Brooke Morgan is studying the importance of early childhood education and reading instruction. She is volunteering at Twinbrook Elementary School, and hosting children's author Rosemary Wells at Bullis in March. Mentors: Katherine Brewer and Jennifer Cooper (photo not available)
  9. Dean Ahdab and Jamal Masood are exploring Islamophobia in the media (America and the World), European and American reactions to Muslims, and related backlash. They are developing lessons on Islam for 6th grade Geography class and creating a documentary. Mentors: Dr. Tarek Elgawhary and Yasmine Pahlavi (photo not available)
  10. Jack Essepian is exploring political expression, free speech, and protest, with an emphasis on the US vs. Venezuela vs. China. He plans to mentor students in the Middle School National History Day program and create a documentary on free speech in cross-cultural comparison. Mentors: Dr. Brenda Seaver and Lisa Vardi
  11. Joce Quinn is studying youth political activism and political voice. Along with fellow student Sydney Quinn, she launched the first issue of Insight: Diversity Magazine. In addition, she plans to create a documentary on political activism. Mentor: Vennard Wright (photo not available)
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