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Brandon Bailey

Title(s) Assistant Head of Upper School, Junior Varsity Ice Hockey Coach

Teaching is learning and in that, a process. By understanding our desired end we can uncover many necessary and requisite skills in that process, with the hopes of finding talents and building confidence in students. Once we conquer the basic foundational elements of learning and skill development, students can apply Bruce Lee’s concept of Jeet Kune Do where he states we as humans can learn by “Using no way as way. Having no limitation as limitation.”

I like to help students bring literature off of the page and into their lives. Whether tackling topics of bioethics or interviewing two key players in the Stanford Prison Experiment, teachers must make the literature matter to students.

I’ve been fortunate to work across a variety of school models and thereby meet many different kinds of people. The opportunities present at Bullis are staggering and promising.

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Department(s) Administration, Upper School
Degree(s) B.A., York College of Pennsylvania
M.Ed., York College of Pennsylvania
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