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Kristin Kowalew

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Department(s) Social Studies, Teachers, Upper School
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Degree(s) B.A., Bucknell University
M.A., American University
M.T.S., Wesley Theological Seminary
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Currently teaches:

  • Human Geography
  • Global History

I love the thrill of learning, both as a student and teacher. I studied education and adolescent development in college, but also became entranced with the greater world through my academic and work experiences abroad. I followed my heart to Russia and then to Washington, D.C. pursuing international development, all the while tethered in some fashion to education—be it peace education, basic education programs for refugees or anti-trafficking law enforcement training. I eventually found my way into the classroom as a social studies teacher.

I believe my role is to help students discover the relevance of the course content to the world today in both a personal and communal sense, through cause-and-effect and compare-and-contrast analyses. I also strive to inspire my students with an intrinsic motivation for “learning for learning sake,” self-reflection and responsibility as young leaders and stewards in shaping and transforming local and global issues.

I am excited to be part of the Bullis community’s quest to nurture the whole child and develop compassionate, responsible global citizens.

I encourage students to make connections between current unit topics and community/world events and news. I also like to have students select a geographic area of interest and serve as “ambassadors” to the class by regularly sharing real-world examples of concepts and phenomena we study related to their country or region.

Fundamental to every course I teach, regardless of the subject, is a focus on developing core skills important for success in life. These include critical thinking, effective communication (spoken, written and governed by our relationships) and holistic, responsible investigation and research.

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