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Technology-Infused Learning

The infusion of technology into the classroom has been instrumental in enhancing student learning at Bullis. Students and faculty in all three divisions utilize a wide variety of software, which coupled with our one-to-one laptop/iPad program makes for a dynamic learning experience.

Lower School Technology

All Lower School students have one-to-one access to school-provided iPads to “Record, Reflect and Celebrate.” In addition to traditional activities such as writing and research, students use iPads to reflect on work, record their reflections and celebrate their work sharing with classmates, parents and the entire community. This process of sharing helps with retention and reinforcement of the learning process, and the ease, mobility and tools that the iPad offers will allow students to communicate, collaborate, compare and collect information, and archive work in a wide variety of formats.

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Middle School Technology

Middle School Technology is an integrated part of curriculum which supports our core academic values of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, resourcefulness and creativity. Technology is based on a one to one, bring your own device program used throughout the day to do collaborative work, do research, and create documents and media. The Bullis Haiku class website system is the center of information and interactivity for courses. Haiku contains curriculum information, course goals, assignments, resources, class discussions, and more.

Technology Objectives for Middle School

  • To support the development of creativity and critical thinking
  • To provide opportunities for collaboration and communication
  • To learn safe and appropriate use of technology.
  • To promote independent thinking and student leadership through peer support
  • To critically analyze resources and media messages
  • To create student work that best reflects student understanding
Technology Courses in Middle School

Technology is integral to Middle School curriculum. In addition, there are technology courses for seventh and eighth grades. In seventh grade students take Media Literacy, a one trimester course in which current media is critically analyzed and students create their own media messages using various tools such as digital imaging and video production. Eighth grade students may choose Technology as a major or minor option. The technology courses are designed to introduce students to a wide array of tools, programs, coding, robotics, and media development. Students create projects and explore these technologies in depth. Development of individual ideas and collaboration are key components of these courses.

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Upper School Technology

The Upper School faculty provide their students with many opportunities to use technology in their classes.

The English department utilizes the many advanced features of Microsoft Word, specifically reviewing functions, to implement peer reviewing and editing. This allows teachers to dynamically add comments and suggestions to a student’s work. Students can track changes to a document to see where corrections have been made. On any given day, you will find the English faculty and students using the English lab, the library lab or a mobile laptop lab for a wide variety of writing projects.

Many technology classes are available to Upper School students. These classes include AP Computer Science, Web Design, Programming, Digital Art, Digital Music and Digital Imaging.

The Foreign Language and Social Studies departments have found Microsoft PowerPoint to be a useful tool for giving research-based multimedia presentations, both by teachers and by students. Presentations given through PowerPoint often include audio components as well as links to websites that can provide additional information on the subject.

The science faculty provides students with the opportunity to develop their spreadsheet skills as students gather and analyze data in chemistry, physics and biology using Microsoft Excel on the science laptops.

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