STEM Robotics

STEM Robotics at Bullis

Does your child excel in math or science? Love to play video games or build with Legos? Make anything by hand? Have the ability to think in three-dimensions or binary code?

If so, your child may find his or her people in our BITLab Makerspace, on the Robotics Team, or in our K-12 Signature Program in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

At Bullis, we match each student’s curiosity with talented teachers and unparalleled facilities. The sky is the limit! "Or it was, until a team of seniors designed a drone."

Lower School: STEM Begins With Our Youngest Explorers

Our STEM program begins with our youngest explorers. Our Lower School students study STEM with a committed and dedicated teacher in their own STEM classroom and indoor/outdoor lab, sized and equipped to bring lessons to life. They study computer science, robotics, and making alongside traditional physical, earth and life sciences. In addition, our Lower School Math and Technology Coordinator creates opportunities for students to explore STEM and supports teachers as they create student-centered inquiry-based lessons for each student. Design work informs a highlight of Lower School, the Grade 5 Shark Tank, where students prototype and pitch inventions to a panel of real-world business people.

Middle School: Design Thinking

In Middle School, in addition to traditional science, students begin their additional STEM coursework with Design Thinking, where students create code, engineer and communicate as they work to complete technology and engineering challenges. The Seventh Grade Course, Connected Technology: Engineering, Design, & Coding. After exploring design thinking, and coding through projects, students use digital tools to design, build, and possibly program an item.

By Grade 8, Students can choose to emphasize the study of art with a “minor” in technology and design, or they can “Major” in Creative Design and Technology, devoting more classroom time to STEM and slightly less to art. This freedom, for a student to pursue and build upon an interest, beginning in Middle School and continuing through Upper School, is unique to Bullis. Bullis teachers create the conditions for aha moments, and Bullis students follow their curiosity where it leads.

Upper School: STEM Capstone and Beyond

In Upper School, Bullis offers a broad range of STEM classes for all students. Those students who have identified a strong interest in STEM can participate in the STEM Capstone. (See chart) All Upper School students may take these classes, but Capstone students are required to complete the following:

Credit Distribution Requirements for STEM

STEM Science Technology (⅓ credit) Engineering (⅓ credit) Math
*Research Design & Methods Marine Biology Mobile App Development BL Robotics I, II Decision Theory
*+Honors STEM Capstone Environmental Science I, II Creative Coding Engineering Graphics +Precalculus
Maker Lab Epidemiology BL Audio Engineering Engineering Applications for Theater +Statistics
Making for Social Good +Astronomy Computer Music I, II +Introduction to Engineering +AP Statistics
Intermediate Making: Iteration and Design +AP Physics C Sound Design & Programming +Honors Material Science +Honors Functions
+AP Chemistry Digital Media I +Calculus
+AP Biology Cyber Security Foundations +AP Calculus AB
+Honors Molecular Biology Digital Media II: Inform and Inspire +AP Calculus BC
+Anatomy & Physiology +AP Computer Science Principles +Hon. Vector Calculus & Linear Algebra
+Food Science +AP Computer Science C
+Kinesiology and Rehabilitation
AP Physics 1

+Full year course (1 credit)

Source: 2018-19 Upper School Curriculum Guide, page 18

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