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Xueying Clarke

Faculty Information
Department(s) Foreign Language, Middle School, Teachers, Upper School
Title(s) Upper and Middle School Chinese
Contact Information
Degree(s) M.Ed., Education, University of Maryland, College Park
B.A., English, Xichang College (P.R. China)
Other Information

Currently teaches:

  • Chinese, grades 7-12

Born and raised in mainland China, I have been through a totally different K-12 educational system. To be a teacher has always been one of my dream jobs, since teaching is a highly respected and honored profession in China. In addition, I have seen so many stories of how education delighted and impacted people’s lives to be successful in any fields.

A Chinese famous poet, Yu Han(韩愈), from Tang Dynasty, summarized teachers’ main responsibilities as: passing the community moral education to next generations, delivering the knowledge to students, and providing problem-solving ideas and solutions to learners. Influenced by these cultural values, I majored in English education in China, and was passionate to teach after graduation. However, the first job that I got was an administration position in a British school located in my hometown city. Part of my job responsibilities was to assist the instructional faculties. This was my first peek into eye-opening western education methods. I observed different teachers’ classes and learned lots of techniques that were so different from regular Chinese classrooms. That experience raised my curiosity level about western countries’ instructional pedagogies and educational methods.

After attending two years of graduate school at University of Maryland College Park, I have been equipped with not only credentials in teaching, but also, instructional pedagogies and methods in world language education, skills of critical thinking, abilities of self-reflection. I also have tapped my passion and enthusiasm to be a qualified teacher. At Bullis, as a Chinese language teacher, I began my career to be an “education ambassador” in America, to share my own culture and language with American students.

Teaching should be within a student-centered, engaging and creative framework. I work as a facilitator rather than the ruler of a class. I respect and recognize individual students’ creativity and strength in their learning. In addition, I provide students with cross-content teaching and learning experiences, to help them apply their learning to the real world. Moreover, as a language teacher, I believe that it is necessary for students to be trained to be open-minded to embrace different cultures as global citizens, so that they can be prepared for real-world challenges. Through Chinese language and culture, students learn life-long skills, rather than just focusing on standardized testing scores.

Bullis School
10601 Falls Road Potomac MD 20854
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