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Tomas ’18

I’m from Chengdu, China and when I first arrived I was really impressed with all the resources that Bullis offered. Since then I’ve gained a whole new way of thinking. Now I’m more critical, questioning more and I am more curious about everything. Here at Bullis we are encouraged to express our unique identity.

My favorite subjects are math and economics. The combination of these two subjects enables us to make wise decisions in our daily life. They can also be really helpful in the age of big data by providing the tools and knowledge to analyze the massive amount of data generated in our society.

I took BC Calculus last year, and in senior year I’m taking vector functions. These subjects will also be very helpful for college, as I am thinking about majoring in statistics and minoring in computer science. I would love to a financial engineer in the future.

I like being involved in many activities at school. I’ve been in Student Government, I’m a tour ambassador, I run the specialized tutoring part of our Bullis Student Tutors Program, and I’m the chair of the Model UN club.

I was in the winter musical in 10th grade and that opened a new door to acting for me. It provided an opportunity for me to be a new person in the character I played, which is very different from my own personality. This was a great release and chance to take a break and from all my studies. I’m hoping to be in the musical again this year.

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