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Alex ’18

I came to Bullis in 6th grade. I love Bullis because it gives all students exposure to the things we love and introduces us to so many other things, too.

I started playing alto saxophone before coming to Bullis, but here the training is more encompassing; our teachers expose us to all different kinds of music. I like jazz concert classical blues, and love performing at jazz café where the atmosphere is very relaxed, everyone can solo and we play all kinds of jazz. I also play in concert band—this year at State Festival we got a superior rating, for the first time ever!

I’m the director of the Bullis Student Tutors program, which has more than 60 students involved in peer-to-peer tutoring. It feels great when you see a kid say, “Aha!” One Middle School student I tutored saw his grade go up a lot in just three weeks of our working together. I’ve learned a lot about leadership—especially how to resolve conflict with peers, which is challenging but a really good skill to have.

My other activities include Model UN (head of fundraising and recruitment) and I’m the co-president of Tri-M, the music honor society chapter at Bullis. In this role, I hope to expand the presence of music in the Bullis community. Additionally, I hope to expand fundraising efforts so that we can help out the Bullis music community, as well as the community outside of Bullis. One of the core pillars of Tri-M is service, and I want to increase our service presence.

With all my activities, though, academics always come first. There are so many classes I want to take! Psych, more math classes, business…and we’re offered so many interesting ways to make learning engaging. Like the Humanities class I took last year, which provides a unique way of learning English and history together, exploring how everything is intertwined and affects everything else.

Another great project was for National History Day. My project was a documentary entitled “Forgotten Heroes of the World: The Varian Fry Story.” Working on this project was incredible. I won 1st place in Montgomery County and 3rd place in the state, but more importantly it opened my eyes and taught me that any person can take a stand and make a difference in the world. The project took me to extremely cool places, such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum where I met with experts in the archives and to Columbia University where I went through all of Varian's original documents. I learned that I cannot find everything on the Internet and need to dig and “get my hands dirty.” Finally, this project showed me that learning isn't confined to a school curriculum, learning can be anything you want it to be. I think that Bullis tries to teach this to us every day. This is one of the reasons Bullis is so special.

Teachers here are more like mentors—we get the chance to interact with them, which makes it comfortable to approach them and talk with them and ask questions. Also, they know about our activities and interests outside of the classroom, and I really appreciate and enjoy having that kind of relationship with them.

Bullis is a very diverse community, with a range of perspectives and ideas. Everyone’s perspective is heard and the community is very friendly and inviting to all.

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