MS Technology

6th Grade Technology — Design Thinking: Coding And Creative Communication

Students will be introduced to Design Thinking as a way to create code, communicate ideas, and design objects. The course will use technology and engineering challenges as a way to immerse students in this process and learn how to apply Design Thinking to a variety of situations.

7th Grade Technology — Connected Technology: Engineering, Design, and Coding

This course will build students' understanding of the Design Thinking process through the basics of designing and building with technology. Students will use basic tools and coding to create digital and physical versions of games.

8th Grade Minors — Making: Designing And Building Kinetic Structures

Using a variety of hand tools and power tools, students will design and build 3 dimensional creative, moveable structures that interact with the world around them.

8th Grade Major: Creative Design And Technology

In this course, students will take a deeper dive into Technology and Design Thinking through creating sophisticated interactive games and programs. Students will identify a situation for which to design and a build robotic solution. They will write the code to move and manipulate their robots and design, 3D print and laser-cut some of the parts.

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