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How many of the following statements can you agree with?

  1. I am comfortable with technology.
  2. I take responsibility for my learning.
  3. I understand that learning online is different than learning in a traditional classroom.
  4. I am capable of working independently.
  5. I am self-disciplined.
  6. I can learn from a variety of media, including lectures, videos, online discussions, reading, and research.
  7. I usually understand written instructions easily.
  8. I manage my study time efficiently and complete assignments on time.
  9. I ask for help if I have trouble understanding a concept.
  10. I enjoy learning new computer skills and programs.
  11. I can set aside 8-12 hours each week to work in my online course.
  12. I have reliable access to a newer computer with a high-speed connection.
  13. I can download and install new software on my computer.
  14. I have an appropriate web browser.
  15. I am comfortable and proficient at creating, saving, and locating different types of files on a computer.
  16. I have access to a webcam and microphone for simple multimedia participation.
  17. I can create, send, forward, reply to, save and delete email messages.
  18. I can send, open and save email attachments.
  19. I can locate and access information using a web search engine.
  20. I can use “talk” or “chat” features for real-time communication.

Evaluate your readiness for online learning:

16-20 statements in agreement: You are a good candidate for online learning.

15 or less: You may be a candidate for online learning but you may prefer the additional support and interaction in a traditional classroom.

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