Upper School Ceramics

Two of the three basic hand-building techniques that are commonly used when making ceramic pieces are coil and slab construction.

Coils, also referred to as “chord,” is a technique with a long tradition. The structure of the ceramic is based on the design of the coils being layered on top of one another.

Slab-building uses paper templates and each section is assembled piece by piece. Slabs are made with a slab roller and then trimmed into many different shapes and joined together with a slip to produce the desired form.

Ceramic students begin each project with a series of sketches and then begin to build.Each form is unique to the individual and designed to be decorative, functional or both.

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Upper School Introduction to Art

Artists have been painting the landscape since ancient times. The term “landscape” derives from the Dutch word landschap, which originally meant “region, tract of land,” but in the early 1500s the term acquired are artistic connotation: “a picture depicting scenery on land.”

Students re-created a landscape in the collage technique using magazine pages. They began from an original photograph of a landscape which they took themselves. The students had to carefully consider the composition of the landscape which needed to contain a clear foreground, middleground and background.

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Upper School: Visual Arts II

Since the 1950s, some artists have reconsidered the pages of a book as a medium for making art. We have seen examples of this in collage, installation and sculpture.

Lisa Clarke (US Librarian) and Visual Arts II students collaborated on an exciting project. The students were tasked with the challenge to give new life to old encyclopedias. They considered the life of the book, its purpose and how the role of the book has changed. They considered also the contents and the specific pages they chose to use as platforms for expression. The students tapped into their unique imaginations to diligently execute the concept they carefully developed.

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Fall Trimester Art Show

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