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Why Choose Bullis for Your Young Child?

School that Grows With Your Child

Because kids grow at different rates, we believe strongly in the need for personalized instruction that challenges each student. We teach individual students, not one class as a whole. Each student is challenged to grow and learn incrementally at his or her pace; there’s always another level to build to, another goal to reach and celebrate. And many ways to get to understanding.

We Take Silly Seriously

Bottom line: school should be fun. Especially in primary grades, when school habits are established, children should enthusiastically go to school each day, and at Bullis they do. We nurture joy in everything we do—from energetic greetings to morning meetings of sharing, discoveries, confidence-building and empowering students to take the lead in their learning while they create and build.

Building Confidence So Each Child Can Relax Into Learning

Students who feel listened to and heard feel comfortable in their surroundings. We celebrate individuality, diversity and each child’s voice so they can relax into learning. When young students feel a sense of belonging—which we build every day from morning meeting to saying goodbye—they enjoy school, embrace challenges and rise to the occasion. “I can do this” is the refrain we strive for from every student.

Scholars Plus ...

Beyond a personalized approach to academics, Bullis cherishes each child’s path and develops each student’s passions. Artist, athlete, dancer, leader, philanthropist, tutor, musician, mentor, adventurer, individual…every student is an important contributor to the community, and the community supports each member.

A Campus with 21st Century Resources and Opportunities

Our Lower School environment is cozy and comfortable, suited to our small students who are eager to get involved and learn. Beyond our halls is the larger Bullis campus and community, which provides our students a window into their future as well as amazing opportunities for today. STEM labs, art and music and theater, entrepreneurship, PE are built into the schedule for our youngest students. Starting in 3rd grade they may take instrumental music and a foreign language. Students also enjoy access to small stages and large stages, participation in all-school assemblies and community service projects and personal and formal buddy programs with older Lower School students and 12th graders, too, to build connections and establish role models throughout the community.

The camaraderie between younger
and older kids at Bullis is just awesome.

– Thao Nguyen, Parent

Home Away From Home

That’s how students describe Bullis, especially those who become “lifers” by spending their primary, middle and upper school years here. They love the comfortable and familiar community, the easy transitions from elementary school to middle and high school, and are ready and confident to head off to college after graduation. To be in this caring community from kindergarten to college makes each year, each transition that much smoother so the real learning and growth can happen.

Here on campus your children will not only go to school but also be able to engage in all the extracurriculars you might look for. Sports, art, dance, community service, music…during school and after school activities can all happen here in one place, for every year of schooling.

My son is eager to go to school. He is encouraged to speak up, think independently and differently, and explore new things in a safe and nurturing environment.

Thao Nguyen, parent

Bullis really walks the walk in knowing the kids and the best way to reach them. Every student is viewed as vital and part of the fabric of the school.

Janette Pepper, parent

The teachers here really know their students, considering each one’s personality and engaging each one individually. Bullis has mastered the art of teaching young children!

Melissa Hausfeld, parent, Bullis Class of 1997

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