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My Summer Brain
Posted 09/13/2016 06:18PM

By Andrea Martin, Upper School French and English

September 2016

This year, my summer was full—and I mean full—of an exceptional amount of one of my favorite activities: travel. I was only at home for about two weeks! Fortunately, my husband is a very understanding and also very busy man.

June was filled with an amazing 18-day, 8-city tour of China with members of Bullis faculty and staff. We saw so many incredible sights, ate unforgettable meals, and toured innovative schools. Some highlights? Eating new foods like Peking duck and sea cucumber, climbing the Great Wall, eating I-don't-know-what at a Chinese hotpot lunch, cuddling up next to a panda, eating dumplings for breakfast every morning, visiting the homes and workplaces of our Bullis students and their families... did I mention eating? I hope to have the chance to go back to this beautiful country soon.

4 Beijing WTown Gubei Shui Zhen 095.JPG

[Feeling on top of the world at the Simatai section of the Great Wall]

6 Lijiang Yangtze River 032.JPG

[Bullis faculty and staff at the first bend of the Yangtze River]

After a restful week and a half at home, I was off again on a flight to Toulouse, France, where I lived and worked as a Program Leader for one of CIEE's fantastic High School Summer Abroad programs. The entire experience—from the city itself to the local staff to the teenagers eager to learn—was so incredible last year that I couldn't wait to return again this summer. For the month of July, I coached, supervised, championed, encouraged, nagged, supported, motivated, and genuinely had fun with 33 American students who decided they'd like to spend their summer improving their French skills. Magnifique!

2016-07-14 012 bastille.jpg

[Celebrating Bastille Day, le 14 juillet, with fellow Program Leader Becca]

2016-08-06 069 albi musée toulouse lautrec.JPG

[The gardens of the Musée Toulouse-Lautrec and the banks of the Tarn River in Albi]

Just three days after returning from France, I spent early August at the beach with my family on Kiawah Island, SC. A favorite family vacation destination when I was growing up, Kiawah holds a special place in my heart. As in years past, our days were filled with playing at the beach, biking around the island, and cooking big family dinners. Beyond the beautiful setting, I especially enjoyed spending time with my nephew—who, at two and a half, says something new and funny every day—and my grandmother—who, remarkably, didn't wash a single dish because she, too, was on vacation.

2016-08-18 26 kiawah beach at sunset storm.jpg

[Sunset and an oncoming storm over the beach on Kiawah Island]

This travel might sound exotic, fashionable, maybe even pretentious. But I can assure you that the everyday experience is much more mundane; I walked a lot, read some good books, ate a lot, and caught up on sleep. What's important about travel, however, is learning. I learned about new places like Shenzhen and Albi. I learned about new cultures and traditions. Mostly, I learned about myself. And so, this school year, I'm committed to keeping my summer brain. My summer brain is not the one that forgets which day of the week it is, but the one that is excited about exploring, concerned with growth, caring about others, and ready for fun. It's going to be a great school year!

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