How to Order Textbooks

At Bullis, it is our goal to make things as simple and as cost-efficient as possible for you, which is why we partnered with MBS Direct to be our institution’s official textbook provider. They are constantly developing new ways to keep costs low while remaining user-friendly.

To order textbooks and course materials with convenience and accuracy, follow these steps:

  1. Access our Virtual Bookstore at:
  2. Click “Order Your Books”
  3. Select your method of payment.
  4. Enter your Student ID to use FastPass, which will bring up all the textbooks needed for your courses. If you wish, you may search by course as well.
  5. When you finish selecting your books, click “Add Items & View Cart.” Please review your selections and click “Proceed to Checkout”.
  6. Returning customers, please enter your email address and password (the one you may have entered to create a quote for the EZ Drop Buyback). Your information will appear on the following screen. (If you are a new customer, please create your password and fill in your account information. You will use this account for all interactions with MBS Direct.)
  7. Confirm your shipping address.
  8. Select your shipping method.
  9. Select your method of payment and enter all information required to complete the transaction.
  10. Once you click “Finalize Order” your order will be submitted for fulfillment.

In keeping with the commitment to money-savings, MBS Direct has developed a multitude of services designed specifically for our school:

    • A Guaranteed Buyback program to help your family budget for the entire academic term and understand how much it will truly cost to own that particular textbook.
    • Used books up to 25% off the price of a new book price.
    • Customer Loyalty program for more money at buyback.

Ordering textbooks from other online vendors can be quite challenging with many uncertainties and providing you no guarantees of satisfaction. We ultimately chose MBS Direct to provide you with competitive prices for textbooks, the highest level of service, and because they can guarantee you the correct book every time you order. We strongly urge you to use MBS Direct for your textbooks to eliminate the guesswork and hassles associated with ordering. Visit to get started.

If you encounter any difficulty with MBS, please contact School Store Manager or 301-983-5705.

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