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Grade 2: Romare Bearden Place Collages

After viewing Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC, 2nd graders studied the Great Migration, and focused closely on Romare Bearden’s collage, Pittsburgh Memories. Student then did sketches of 4 personally significant places—their homes, a favorite spot in their home, a place they like to spend time in near their homes, and a place significant to the Washington, DC region. After creating a collection of hand-painted papers to use in our collages, students gathered magazines, newspapers, cardboard, and other paper objects to include in our final works. Each finished piece simultaneously depicts four important places to the artist.

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Grade 3: Clay Leaf Impressions

3rd grade students gathered leaves from various trees on campus and experimented with printmaking and clay. They carefully placed leaves on clay slabs, and applied pressure with rolling pins to create an imprint. Students then cut their leaf prints from the remaining slab, and after firing, glazed the leaves with multicolored glazes.

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Grade 3: Snowglobes

3rd graders studied perspective principles to make objects appear near or far away, then wrote about favorite Winter activities. After several preparatory sketches, students painted backgrounds within a circular format to create the appearance of a snow globe. Students then create smaller paintings of themselves within the landscape.

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Grade 4: Fabric Quilt Squares

4th graders studied the Oregon Trail in Social Studies, and created paper quilts from both the Oregon Trail and the Underground Railroad in art class. Students then selected their favorite paper pattern and recreated it in felt. Students learned to knot, sew a running stitch, and follow a pattern.

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Grade 6: Superbugs

6th grade students studied the relationship between form and function to invent and design an imaginary insect. These “Superbugs” are based on properties of real insects and are built on an armature of recycle materials such as plastic water bottles. After the sculptures are completed, students present their bugs to each other at a bug symposium.

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Grade 7: Organized Texture

7th grade students study the aesthetic idea of organized texture and complete a project in ceramics using texturing techniques in clay. In addition, they explore the same idea on paper, using paint, collage, or any other supply to create a 2D art work using the ideas of abstraction, organization, and texture.

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Grade 8 Majors: Independent Paper Projects

Students created an independently created artwork based on the concept of excavation and the unconventional use of paper. Students chose a contemporary artist to serve as their inspiration and had to propose, create, evaluate, and edit their work, eventually organizing their own art show where their work would be featured.

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Visual Arts II: Landscape Painting

During this unit students focused on the color wheel, color schemes (combinations), and how artists in the past have used color theory to create unique landscapes. They spend time researching an artist from one of the three different revolutionary movements listed below.

Art Movements:

  • Impressionism
  • Post Impressionism
  • Fauvism and Expressionism

After learning about the style, techniques and application of an artist of their choice, the students applied their knowledge to their own landscape painting. Each student chose an original photograph to work from and then painted the landscape using acrylic paint.

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Advanced Studio Art: Surrealism

Surrealism is an art movement that sought to express automatism, a way to release the imagination of the subconscious. Many artists use paintings to tell a story, others use the visual language as a record of events, dreams, or a combination of them all. This type of art can be difficult to explain, however it allows the viewer to take a larger role in the visual experience.

Students selected an artist to research and learn more about from the Surrealism movement. They planned and created a sculpture that related to storytelling and/or Surrealism, inspired by imagination and/or the subconscious.

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