Project-Based Learning

The Weight of Water

Spring trimester means Project-Based Learning activities in the Middle School. These cross-curricular, interdisciplinary projects bring all of the year-long subjects together for students to study a topic specific to their grade.

6th Grade Assignment

Consider how water affects our lives here and around the world, and discover your role. Investigate through different lenses and hands-on simulations and experiences. Design and implement action plans to take personal responsibility for addressing worldwide and local water crises. Create persuasive presentations to educate the community about their role.

Cross-Curricular Activities

Participate in a "Walk for Water" on campus to understand the long distances people travel in the developing world to access water that we take for granted from our faucet.
Study the water crises in other countries and examine the impact.
Read Spanish media sources and create bilingual ads to promote water conservation.
Study the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.
Interpret authentic Latin text from 1633 that describes the Bay and compare that with the current state of the Bay.
Conduct data analysis from the Bay using water usage calculators.
Conduct a water usage habits survey
Read A Long Walk to Water to understand characters’ struggle for water, examine how water scarcity impacts social, cultural and economic decisions.
Create video PSAs to address local water conservation.

Topics vary year to year, but projects always include teamwork, creativity, collaboration and resourcefulness—and a fun way to pull together everything you’ve learned all year.

Other Recent Projects:

7th Grade: Outbreak! Investigate and contain fallout from the hypothetical release of a deadly disease on campus. Examine epidemiology and criminal clues, predict how fast bacteria could grow and become dangerous, study history to theorize possible motivation of the perpetrators and communicate findings.

8th Grade: Space Colony Make your case to be the first colonists on Mars in 2026. Create laws and a constitution for your colony, write and film an ad promoting the colony, create vehicles for transportation, develop a fitness plan to make up for lost bone density and communicate your plan to judges.

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