Winter Break Service Trip

Bullis works with Caring for Cambodia to send a group of students during Winter Break on a “trip of a lifetime.” Students help build and renovate a school in Pnomh Penh, and forge friendships with the Cambodian children.

They also tour the country’s historic sites to understand its tragic past and promising future. Along the way, they end up learning much more about themselves.

Read below for student posts to the Cambodia Global Studies and Service trip blog:

“We were instantly immersed into Cambodian culture. We learned about Buddhism and the importance of religion in Cambodia. We made friends at the local school and learned more about the everyday lives of teenagers in Cambodia. I have always been very appreciative of everything and everyone I have in my life, but after visiting the Killing Fields, seeing local neighborhoods and speaking with the Cambodian adults and children I gained an understanding of the developing world that I did not have before.

Lily E.-Q. ’15

“One of the biggest lessons I learned was that although we were in a culture much different from ours, it important to respect their customs and try new things. Otherwise one remains a tourist, resisting adaptation, and not a traveler.”

Moriah R. ’14

“When it was time to leave we hugged each other, our eyes glistening. This was the last time we would see our little friends again. As we waved one last goodbye and got into the van, we looked back in surprise to see them pedaling their bikes behind us for as long as our van was in sight. Everyone agreed it was a gift to have met such wonderful people.”

Rachel R. ’14

“My favorite part of the trip was sunrise at Angkor Wat—I will never forget it. The kids were amazing and made me realize how fortunate I am. Everyone is always smiling even if they are living without electricity or water. When I got back home my eyes were opened to how different everyone and everything is in America.”

Allison L. ’14

“This trip changed my outlook on life and showed me how fortunate I really am. In America, we take so much for granted, including going to school and having running water, and we throw away things that other people would appreciate. Our problems are so small compared to what so many Cambodians have been through. The kids there are so grateful for what they have, even if it’s very little.”

Emily R. ’15

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