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December 18: Bullis Blood Drive
December 20: Young Alumni Open House 12:00 - 3:00 pm
December 21: Blue and Gold Day / Ugly Sweater Day

PA Events

January 15: Staff Appreciation

Winter Break

December 22 - January 7
January 8: classes resume at 8:00 am

Happy Holidays !

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  • If you or your student is locked out of a building after hours, please call Security at 301-325-7700.

Parents Association (PA) Board

Athletics Committee

The Athletics Committee acts as a liaison between the parent body and the athletic department, and strives to support parents, student/athletes, and the Athletic Department.

Our Committee Chairs are Pauletta Nwosu and Cindy Nachman-Senders

Bulldog Committee

You can volunteer at the SNACK BAR throughout the year!

The Committee Chair is

Bullis Gives Back 5K

Mark your calendar: May 5, 2019!

This annual spring race and fun run event, open to the public, supports the school and local nonprofit organizations.

Contact Audrey Friedlander for any questions.

Community Service Committee

This committee supports the school’s community service programs. Some of the projects include Thanksgiving baskets, pie-making, cereal and clothing drives, and days of service.

The Committee Chairs are Runaka Anderson; Dede Schumacher; and Pamela Sofola

Diversity and Equity Committee

The Diversity and Equity Committee serves to support the diversity programs of the school and serves as a liaison to the school's Diversity & Equity Committee.

December 7 at 8am in the Studio Theater: Inclusion & Equity Coffee with Allison Ewing & Bryan Whitford

This committee is chaired by the PA Executive Committee.


Mark your calendars: March 15, 2019

Theme: Carnival! A Night in Brazil


Check out the Gala website!

Global Studies Trips - Upper School & Middle School

You can find more info here!

Questions? Contact Dorothy Yen.

Grade Coordinators

Humanities & Global Studies (HGS) Committee

The HGS Committee serves as a liaison to the HGS Signature Program and supports events such as the Global Village.

Global Village: March 6, 2019, 12:30-3pm

The Committee chairs are Denise Reinhart and Anjali Schruefer

New Families Committee

The Bullis PA welcomes all new families to the Bullis community.

Our Committee Chairs are:

Mimi Arnold; Sherri Jackson; Pennie Panagiotopoulos; and Muriel Suggs

Contact them for any questions you may have!

Parent Education Committee

Feel free to submit topics of interest for future events to any of our Parent Education Committee chairs: Susan Meredith, Kerry Hoch or Amy Gates.

December 13 at 8am in the Studio Theater: Coffee with Brenda Conlan, drug and alcohol educator.

Click here to access valuable parent resources from the Parents Council of Washington.

Staff Appreciation Committee

This committee coordinates staff appreciation events throughout the year with the help of parents. Please check in the Sign-up Genius tab above. Thank you in advance!

The Committee Chairs are Tammy Goldberg; Heath Honeycutt; Lisa Robinson

STEM Committee

The PA STEM Committee supports the school’s STEM signature program. If you are interested in being a STEM parent mentor, please contact Wendy O'Neil or John McKew.

Want to volunteer at the Robotics Tournament? Sign up here!

Contact Faith Darling for any questions about the school's STEM programs.

    Textbook Info

    There are two ways to buy textbooks (for MS and US only; LS textbooks will be provided by school):

    1. Via MBS Direct Net, the online Bullis bookstore. Simply log in with your child's student ID number (found on the Student tab in the Parent Portal).

      If you have questions about ordering books through MBS, please contact the Bullis School Store Manager,
    2. Use the new online platform ( to buy/sell used textbooks within the Bullis community at considerable savings.
    Participating in the program, either as a buyer or seller, is simple:
    1. Go to
    2. Select "Join"
    3. Sign up and enter "Bullis" in the University Campus space. (This site was created for universities, however, Bullis is a registered school.)
    4. List books to sell or search books to buy using the ISBN number on the back of the book.
    5. The rest is up to you. Contact the seller/buyers directly to make your purchase/sale.

    Visual and Performing Arts Committee

    This committee works to support the Visual & Performing Arts Department and helps to publicize and promote student performances. Volunteers are needed to help with costume, logistics and publicity on many shows.

    If you have a business and can post a flyer for upcoming shows, contact the Chairs: Tammy McKnight and Lamia Crowley.

    Check out the Bullis Arts page to find a list of all upcoming performances as well as information on the new Bullis Arts faculty.

    Volunteer Opportunities & Sign up Genius Lists!

    Volunteer/Bake Sale Committee Chairs are: Jennifer Cohen and Stephanie Steren

    Deceber 19: end of the Toy Drive for Children's Hospital

    December 21: Winter party

    January 9: LS Principal Coffee (8:00 am) - Discovery Center

    Service and Gratitude Project

    A group of five 8th grade student leaders under the guidance of Middle School Science Teacher Chelsea Fajen worked together to lead a service and gratitude project in early November. Their aim was to collect a variety of needed items to send to the Task Force Panther Battalion, currently stationed in Afghanistan. Students in each advisory were asked to donate requested items, including toiletries, Amazon and iTunes gift cards, snacks, and blank stationery. They then wrote letters to express their gratitude to the soldiers, taking time to write meaningful personalized letters thanking them for their service.

    The Task Force Panthers are a team of soldiers from Alaska, Hawaii, DC, Maine, and North Carolina's Army National Guard. An aviation unit, they support the mission in Afghanistan by providing assistance and expertise in helicopter travel and maintenance throughout the country. Ms. Fajen's brother is a member of the TF Panthers.

    Items collected by the student advisories included toothpaste, liquid soap, shampoo, and snack foods like chips, pretzels, popcorn, along with gift cards and stationery. The students put together over 30 care packages from the items and organized two bake sales to cover the cost of shipping the boxes. The service men and women of the TF Panthers will receive the packages just in time for the holidays.

    "We collected so many items thanks to the enthusiasm and generosity of our Middle School students and families," said Mrs. Fajen. "It was a huge success!"

    Update: The Task Force Panthers received their packages, including the items and the notes from students, the day after Thanksgiving. The entire battalion expresses their thanks to Bullis and especially to the student group that organized the drive. The soldiers were so pleased.

    "Look what arrived today!" wrote Ms. Fajen's brother. "The boxes came at a perfect time. We're sending a crew out on a longer mission and they won't have showers. When we're in the field we use baby wipes to stay clean. We have already packed all of the baby wipes for the mission! Everyone was shocked that all of the products were name brand. We're used to getting non name brand items! The cards were heartwarming and this shipment means so much to us."

    December 14: deadline to pay the fee for the Spy Museum Trip

    December 21: MS STEM field trips / Blue and Gold Day

    January 17: MS Principal Coffee (8:00 am) - Discover Center

    Discovery Days Launched for Upper School Students

    Choice, experiential learning, collaboration, risk taking, growth without grades—these concepts and more will drive Discovery Days, the innovative new Bullis program planned for all divisions in Spring 2019. In a special assembly, the program was launched for Upper School students when Lisa Vardi, director of cross-divisional curriculum, and several Bullis teachers presented an enlightening and very entertaining summary of the program. With energy, excitement, and humor—and aided by props from steel drums to yoga mats, stuffed toys, and snacks—faculty members provided overviews of the 34 Discovery Days courses to be offered to Upper School students next spring.

    Discovery Days is a time when students and teachers in each division will pause their regular school routines for one week to immerse themselves in unique educational explorations, on and off campus, designed to stimulate imagination, thinking and communication skills, empathy, and more. Students are encouraged to choose courses that appeal to their individual interests, curiosity, and passions. They will dynamically explore fresh new topics, reflect on what they learn, and create a final product to share with others. "Take risks and challenge yourselves to learn something new," Vardi told the students.

    "It is such a gift that we all get to meet together each day," said Upper School Math Teacher Matt Zimmer, underscoring the vibrant energy and joyful learning inherent in the Discovery Days course offerings.

    "I am struck by the creative energy and risk-taking of our teachers," said Vardi later of the assembly. "What a talented faculty we have. "

    Once the teachers completed their onstage presentations—to applause and laughter amid rising anticipation of Discovery Days next spring—Upper School Assistant Principal Kira Orr took the mic.

    "The goal here," she told the students, "is to explore your passions, to dive deep, and to learn outside the classroom." For now, students will consider the course options and pick their top five choices.

    "Bullis is our school—but the world is our campus," Orr said.

    Watch the video of the assembly to learn more about the course offerings!

    Using WeVideo to Capture the Power of the Spoken Word

    by Stacey Roshan, Upper School Math/Technology Coordinator

    One of my biggest goals as technology coordinator is to help teachers create assignments and projects to empower all students to find their voice and showcase their unique creativity. We know that students have such different learning styles and means of expressing themselves, and by embracing technology, my job is to help teachers design lessons that reach all different types of learners.

    In our African-American Studies course, taught by Cathy Melanson, students recently created a video project to interpret famous historical speeches.

    Podcasting Speeches: The Power of the Spoken Word
    This assignment will ask you to deliver and record speeches, letters or the words of those who participated in or engaged in Revolutionary War politics. Controlling the "voice" of the African American was one of the many ways to perpetuate their servile status. This assignment will ask you to give those voices back!

    Since we have a site license of WeVideo at Bullis, we decided to use this tool to have students create and edit their project. One of our reasons for purchasing a site license of WeVideo was to allow all students - regardless of whether they have a Mac or a PC - to have access to a powerful video editing tool.

    Using WeVideo, students were tasked to create an audio recording of their assigned speech as well as add imagery to match the narrative and further evoke emotion in the viewer. Students were graded on speech delivery and rhetoric quality; students needed to demonstrate a clear understanding of the meaning of the words and the context in which it was being delivered. To further enhance the overall production, they were assessed on the visuals they chose; the imagery should be powerful and synchronized with the words of the speech.

    After all students created their WeVideo projects, we used Flipgrid to showcase the projects. Most people know of Flipgrid as a video discussion platform where students record directly within the platform. But Flipgrid also allows students to upload video projects to the "grid." We wanted to create a nice visual of all student projects on display, so we decided to upload each student's video project to Flipgrid. In this way, students could easily see the work of their classmates.

    The most powerful part of this assignment was that Cathy was able to hear a different voice from her students. This is something that I have seen time and time again when assigning video projects to students. When Cathy and I sat down to recap things, she remarked that the most powerful project was created by the student who is quiet and shy in the classroom. Through his recorded speech, he was able to deliver real passion with old English, which is not an easy task. What's more, in using WeVideo to edit, he pulled in music to complement the speech along with well-synchronized images to further evoke emotion. This project allowed the student to find a powerful voice and creatively express his interpretation of the speech.

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