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Faculty Enrichment Grants

Enhancing the School Curriculum

Each year, the Parents Association sponsors an enrichment grant program to fund the enhancement of the School curriculum. The goal of the grants program is to provide creative opportunities to the faculty, which will directly benefit the students.

Previous grants have funded authors and poets in residence, dance workshops, research and robotics and much more.

Each fall the Parents Association reviews grant proposals from faculty in a variety of subjects, and awards grants for that school year. For the 2017-18 school year, the PA provided the following grants.

Building Bridges: Portraits of Immigrants and Refugees

A visiting exhibit from “Family Diversity Project” highlighting the experiences of immigrants and refugees in America will come to Bullis in April. Several Humanities and Global Studies Capstone students will photograph and interview Bullis families and/or staff members who have stories of immigration or migration to share. The 4th graders will create poster displays of the history of immigration to the US that will be added to the exhibit.

Playwright in Residence

Playwright John Morogiello will work with grades 3-5 to integrate playwriting and theater. Each class will work collaboratively to write, revise, rehearse and perform a play based on a chosen topic.

The Power of Observation and Keeping a Nature Journal with Clare Walker Leslie

Naturalist and artist Clare Walker Leslie will teach Bullis grades K-5 how to connect with the natural world through the practice of close observation and keeping a nature journal. Parents and teachers will also have the opportunity to participate in an evening workshop.

Creating a “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow” Mosaic

Artist Arturo Ho will help Middle School students create a “Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow” mosaic. He will work with interested MS students to design a mosaic that will be assembled and created by students in the MS Open Art Studio class. The mosaic will be permanently displayed in South Hall, mirroring the one created last year by Lower School students.

Monarch and Butterfly Garden

All 6th grade students will work together to build and maintain a monarch butterfly garden across disciplines. Students will plan the landscape of the garden, research how to care for the butterflies and plants, and communicate with students in Mexico to discuss the migration of the butterflies. The entire community will be able to use and enjoy the garden on an ongoing basis.

Chinese Beijing Opera Show

A local professional Beijing Opera performance group will come to Bullis during the Chinese New Year of 2018 to showcase their unique form of opera, which combines music, vocal performance, mime, dance, and acrobatics. The performance will be viewed by Chinese language students in MS and US, possibly 4th and 5th graders and some visual & performing art students.

The News Literacy Project: How to Know What to Believe

Journalist Peter Adams, senior vice president of the News Literacy Project, a nonpartisan national education nonprofit organization, will visit Bullis for two days. He will present to Upper School students during Enrichment, focusing on evaluating news media. He will also visit classes in multiple disciplines conducting workshops that give hands-on experience evaluating news articles, videos, and images.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: An American Story

Dr. James Golden, director of education at the Mark Twain House and Museum will speak to 11th grade students about the history of race relations in the United States and how The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn can be a catalyst for positive social change.

Insight: Student Diversity Magazine at Bullis

Humanities and Global Capstone students publish Insight, a student-led publication about issues of diversity and culture identity, to Bullis. The magazine has been published at Sidwell Friends School for several years. A second issue of the magazine during the year would contain contributions from the greater Upper School community.

Lower School students worked with mosaic artist Arturo Ho to design and create a mosaic capturing the “Lead the Bullis Way” motto for South Hall. Read more.

Sculptor and lecturer Rebecca Kamen worked with 11th grade biology classes to develop art works that visualized and created greater understanding of biology concepts. Read more.

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