The sport of wrestling first appeared on the Bullis campus in the winter of 1948. The first season was not a great success as many of the team’s members were terribly inexperienced, having never participated in a match before. The team struggled against area prep school and college freshman opponents over the next three years before the sport faded from the Bullis campus altogether. Wrestling reappeared as an extracurricular activity at Bullis in 1968 and the newly revived team participated in two matches. In the years to come, the wrestling program grew stronger, ultimately becoming the most successful program in the history of Bullis athletics. 

In 1970, Bullis became a member of the IAC and by the next decade the Bulldogs’ dominance of the league began. In the 1980-81 season, Bullis won its first IAC Championship and over the next 17 seasons, the team earned 15 more league titles. 11 of these titles came consecutively between 1981 and 1991. Bullis also won 8 straight St. Alban’s Tournament championships from 1983 to 1990, along with 4 consecutive National Prep titles from 1986-89. Throughout its twenty year dominance from 1981 to 2000, the Bullis wrestling team earned and astounding .725 win percentage with an overall record of 187 wins, 67 losses, and 2 ties. Furthermore, the program has produced numerous IAC and National Prep champions who have gone on to wrestle at the collegiate level. From 1981-present, the Bulldogs have compiled a grand total of 16 IAC Wrestling titles. In 2006, Bullis welcomed NCAA Division II hall of fame member, Ali Elias, as head coach. He has been with the team for the past 8 years and continuing to develop great athletes each year. 

IAC Individual Champions

1974: Pete Klein
1976: Pete Klein
1978: Buddy Amorosi
1979: Chip Pierce, Bob Pierce
1980: Jack Prins, Chip Pierce, Bob Pierce, Glenn Holland
1981: Mike Wittenburg, John Wilmot, Jack Prins, Chip Pierce, Bob Pierce, Glenn Holland
1982: Mike Wittenburg, John Wilmot, Bob Pierce, Glenn Holland, Lenny Bernstein
1983: Mike Wittenburg, Andy Niebel, Eric Kennington, Glenn Holland, Jim Chang, Lenny Bernstein
1984: Mike Wittenburg, Charles Lee, Andy Kenis, John Holland, Rick Grapes, Rick Glasby, Jim Chang, Brian Burkett, Lenny Bernstein
1985: Greg Robinson, John Holland, Rick Grapes, Rick Glasby, Jim Chang, Brian Burkett, Bob Bunting, Tim Almany, Scott Alban
1986: Kaleb McDowell, Charles Lee, John Holland, Rick Grapes, Brian Burkett, Scott Alban
1987: Andre Kelley, Chris Kalil, Marc Frier, Rick Grapes, Bob Bunting, Scott Alban
1988: Mike Lavin, Andrew Kelley, Andre Kelley, Chris Kalil, Kevin Grapes, Bob Bunting, Scott Alban
1989: Greg Welch, Carl Martin, Ray Kimsey, Chris Kalil, Kevin Grapes
1990: Chris Shelley, Ray Kimsey, Joe Horwat, Jason Horseley, Tom Cavanaugh, Eric Alban
1991: Joe Horwat, Benny Fero, Tom Cavanaugh
1992: Steve Tichelman, John Tab, Joe Horwat, Kevin Cronin
1993: John Tam, Sacha Paul, Will Currier, Kevin Cronin, Andy Butler
1994: Benny Fero, Eugene Brodetski
1995: Joe Paoletti, Brian Bunting, Eugene Brodetski
1996: Matt Swingler, John Paoletti, Joe Paoletti, Karim Licorish, Brian Bunting
1997: John Paoletti, Jon Palmer, Billy Moore, Kareem Licorish
1998: Daegan Smith, Tony Reyes, Jon Palmer, Kareem Licorish, Chris Eig, Brian Bunting
1999: Matt Palmer, Max Meltzer, Tanner Cerand
2000: Matt Palmer, Max Meltzer, Jeremy Feinberg, Chris Eig, J.D. Driscoll, Tanner Cerand
2001: Alan Schwartzbeck, Matt Palmer, Max Meltzer, Jeremy Feinberg, Chris Eig
2002: Alan Schwartzbeck, Andrew Rose
2003: Alan Schwartzbeck, Andrew Rose, Jack Layton, Sean Thayer, Jay Gorman, Will Dameron
2004: Sean Thayer, Alan Schwartzbeck, Jay Gorman, Sam Brusca, Blair Barnhard
2005: Joe Takesuye, Andrew Rose, Matthew Danielson, Tim Conrad, Sam Brusca
2006: Joe Takesuye, Henry Gass, Matthew Danielson, Tim Conrad
2007: Matthew Danielson
2008: Matthew Danielson
2009: Andrew Stone, Randall Hernandez
2010: Ryan Garey, Randall Hernandez
2011: Ryan Garey, Randall Hernandez, Amos Green
2012: Andrew Stone, Leigh Ulica
2013: Caden Ulanet, Blake Matthews 

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