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Track - Coed Varsity vs. OPEN

Event Type: Regular

Date: May 5, 2020
Event Time: 4:00PM

Location(s):Episcopal High School

Episcopal High School
1200 North Quaker Lane
Alexandria, VA 22302
(703) 379-6530

Take Beltway over American Legion Bridge. Take George Washington Parkway to I-395 South. Take King Street exit East (inside I-395) Go to the fourth traffic light and take a right.

Bullis School10601 Falls Rd, Potomac, MD 20854(301) 2998500
1. Start out going southwest on Falls Rd / MD189 toward S Glen Rd.Map0.2 mi0.2 mi total
2. Take the 1st left onto Democracy Blvd.Map
  • If you reach Woodford Rd you've gone about 0.1 miles too far
3.2 mi3.4 mi total
3. Merge onto I-270SPUR S toward I-495 S / Virginia.Map1.0 mi4.4 mi total
4. I-270SPUR S becomes I-495 S / Capital Beltway / I-495 OUTERLOOP (Crossing into Virginia).Map3.8 mi8.2 mi total
5. Take the Geo Wash Mem Pkwy exit, EXIT 43, toward Washington.Map1.0 mi9.1 mi total
6. Merge onto George Washington Memorial Pky S.Map6.0 mi15.2 mi total
A to B Travel Estimate: 15.18 mi about 21 minutes
George Washington Memorial Pkwy S, Arlington, VA 22207
1. Start out going southeast on George Washington Memorial Pky S / GW Pky S.Map3.6 mi18.8 mi total
2. Take the exit toward I-395 / VA27 / Lyndon B. Johnson Memorial Grove / Pentagon.Map0.1 mi18.9 mi total
3. Merge onto Washington Blvd / VA27 S toward I-395 S / Washington Blvd / Pentagon.Map1.2 mi20.1 mi total
4. Merge onto I-395 S toward S Arl Ridge Rd / Richmond.Map2.6 mi22.7 mi total
5. Merge onto VA7 E / King St via EXIT 5.Map1.3 mi24.1 mi total
6. Turn right onto VA402 S / N Quaker Ln.Map
  • If you are on King St and reach W Braddock Rd you've gone a little too far
0.2 mi24.2 mi total
7. 1200 N QUAKER LN is on the right.Map
  • Your destination is 0.1 miles past W Braddock Rd
  • If you reach Hume you've gone a little too far
B to C Travel Estimate: 9.05 mi about 15 minutes
Episcopal High School1200 N Quaker Ln, Alexandria, VA 22302(703) 6717102
Total Travel Estimate: 24.24 miles about 36 minutes
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Google's directions from the school:
Bullis School
10601 Falls Road Potomac MD 20854
301.299.8500 ・ Contact Us

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