The Benefits of Online Learning

Online courses benefit students in a number of ways, preparing them for college, increasing independence and self-confidence.

  • Students may extend their curriculum beyond what can fit in a traditional block schedule. This provides you an opportunity to take more classes—demonstrating initiative and a quest for knowledge.
  • You can acquire skills in organization and impose structure for your own learning and studying. These are important skills for success in college, where students must manage their own time and course requirements without much outside support.
  • Online courses provide a flexible learning environment. Students who may not speak out in a traditional course setting are often the most active and eloquent students in online courses, because they provide students with an alternative format to contribute, participate and demonstrate understanding.

I like having the freedom to work any time of day without a set schedule.Preston D.

Everything is posted in advance, so we knew what was expected, the instructions were very clear, and the course freed up my schedule for the school year.Sabrina H.