Online learning is both a successful medium for teaching and learning and also provides students with skills necessary for the 21st century.

High school students may take classes in the summer or during the school year that otherwise may not fit into their schedule, opening time for electives and other pursuits. A growing catalog of offerings will continue to respond to student needs and interests, as well as courses that may be best taught in an online environment.

Online Learning @BULLIS offers:

  • Preparation for students to become creative, critical thinkers in an ever-emergent global society
  • Flexibility and expanded academic choices—an ‘any time, any place’ structure permits students to take courses that best fit their schedules
  • The development of critical core academic values beyond the walls of the classroom
  • Opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate independent learning and responsibility
  • Platforms that support diverse learning styles and individual personalities that may thrive better in environments different than the traditional classroom setting
  • Optimal use of modes and media that today’s students enjoy

Higher learning views high schoolers who are already established online learners as better prepared to independently learn and manage their studies—seeking assistance when needed and assuming responsibility for their learning.