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Empowering Girls in STEM

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Empowering Girls in STEM
By Stacey Roshan
Bulllis Girls in STEM

Empowering girls in STEM is not just about achieving gender balance; it's about ensuring that diverse perspectives and experiences are well-represented in these fields.

When girls are encouraged to pursue their interests in STEM, they can fully realize their potential and contribute to innovation and progress. Research demonstrates that early exposure to STEM, coupled with female role models, plays an important role in fostering success among girls in these fields. It's not solely about skill development but also about nurturing a mindset that says, "I am capable of this."

As innovation booms and reshapes our way of life and work, the significance of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields cannot be overstated. Yet, a significant gender gap in these fields remains. Research has consistently shown that girls are more likely to pursue STEM-related activities when exposed to them early on and when they have at least one female teacher or role model.

This story holds personal significance for me on a number of levels. First, having taught mathematics at Bullis School in Potomac, Maryland, for 15 years and computer science earlier in my Bullis teaching career for five years, ensuring that all students find joy and connection to STEM fields is deeply important to me. Second, Bullis’ Director of STEM, Taryn Kittel, was my student. I had the privilege to teach her in both Honors Algebra 2 and AP Calculus. Witnessing the path she has taken and the leadership she is demonstrating fills me with immense pride.

In talking with Taryn, I hear such passion and purpose in her goals. She is determined to find ways to encourage girls to explore coursework and projects in math, science, engineering and technology in a manner that feels welcoming and empowering. She credits her supportive parents, consistent exposure to inspiring female educators, and inclusive academic environments as key elements in her own journey into STEM.

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