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Business Speaks Podcast: Student Voices in Entrepreneurial Education

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Business Speaks Podcast: Student Voices in Entrepreneurial Education
Business Speaks

Are you a young entrepreneur looking to learn from the best in the business? Look no further than the Business Speaks Podcast, brought to you by the inquisitive minds of Eric Z., Noah M., and Evan K. and produced by social media sensation Jovi G., all members of the class of 2025. The podcast delves into the keys to success in business and offers valuable insights and knowledge from top business leaders in the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond.

In today's rapidly changing business landscape, the topics explored are more relevant than ever—Artificial Intelligence, finding a passion, and steps young minds can take now to become entrepreneurial leaders who contribute positively to their communities. The Business Speaks Podcast stands out by featuring student perspectives through engaging conversations with renowned leaders who have previously visited Bullis. Guests, such as Joe Ucuzoglu, CEO of Deloitte Global, and Talia Fox, CEO of KUSI Global, share their journeys to becoming successful entrepreneurs, discuss the obstacles they have faced, and offer valuable advice to inspire the next generation of leaders.

The Business Speaks Podcast is available bi-weekly on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. It provides an excellent educational platform for students to explore the business world through the eyes of those shaping it and for those who aspire to do the same.

Tune in to the first episode—and be sure to like and subscribe to the Business Speaks Podcast on your favorite streaming platform!