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Bullis Students Participate in American Mathematics Competition 10/12

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Bullis Students Participate in American Mathematics Competition 10/12
Bullis AMC 10/12 Math Competition

A group of 25 students from grades 6 through 12 recently participated in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC) 10/12 A. This challenging competition is a testament to their hard work and Bullis' collective commitment to fostering a love for mathematics across all grade levels.

The AMC 10/12 A is a rigorous 25-question, 75-minute exam that challenges students with problems that range from the straightforward to the highly complex. Our students' participation in the competition enhances their problem-solving abilities and those who perform exceptionally well are invited to continue participating in the AMC series of examinations starting with the American Invitational Mathematics Exam (AIME) – a remarkable achievement that many of our students have attained in past years.

The following Upper School students represented Bullis: Rhys D. '26, Liling F. '26, Bernard G. '25, Lili K. '27, Toan N. '27, William R. '27, Samuel R. '27, Daniel W. '27, Noah Y. '26, Emma Z. '27, Benjamin B. '25, Cameron C. '25, Jerry C. '25, McCoy H. '27, Anda L. '26, Ryan T. '24, Emily W. '24, Liwen Y. '24, Cathy Z. '25, and Eric Z. '25.

The Middle School participants who competed alongside their senior peers with ambition and courage are Mira B. '28, Raphael C. '28, Thi N. '30, Dylan S. '28, and Kairui Z. '28.

The students will also participate in the AMC 10/12 B, giving them the opportunity to engage in both competitions and further hone their problem-solving skills.

We should all give these students recognition for their hard work and dedication. Let's continue to support and encourage all our students as they prepare for the AMC 10/12 B. Here's to fostering the next generation of problem-solvers and innovators!