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Bullis Students Join Teens with Heartsongs to Support Children's National Hospital

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Bullis Students Join Teens with Heartsongs to Support Children's National Hospital

Bullis students partnered with Teens With Heartsongs to raise money for the Children's National Hospital housing program, which provides temporary housing for families while their child is a patient. 

This year, 21 Washington, D.C. Metro high school teams with over 300 students raised $153,111.00 to support the program. Bullis students participated in two spirited teams — the Blue Team led by seniors Lily Greenleigh and Roya Ebrahimi-Qajar and the Gold Team led by senior Anna Fruehwirth and sophomore Maya Mathes. 

The Gold Team raised $19,539.60, which was the highest out of the participating teams. The Blue Team raised the third-largest amount of $17,094.00. Together, the Bullis teams crushed it and raised a total of $36,633.60. 

Congratulations to all Bullis students who rallied to help keep patients and families together for Children's National.

Gold Team ($19,539.60)
Anna Fruehwirth '21 (Team Leader)
Maya Mathes '23 (Team VP)
Sam Donohue '22
Cole Friedlander '22 (Board of Teens member)
Blake Glickman '23
Eve Huntington '23
Joshua Lederberg '22
Sarah Marghub '23
Donovan Mauney '22
Alexandra Perry '21
Bennett Richman '24
Ian Savarick '21
Ethan Segerman '22
Sophie Simon '21
Jonah White-Wilson '21
Austin Yegher '21


Blue Team ($17,094.00)
Lily Greenleigh '21 (Team Leader)
Roya Ebrahimi-Qajar '21 (Team VP)
Alexander Bonham '23
Aniya Dyer '21
Maddie Hinz '21
Dean Katz '21
Jacob Maged '21
Jordan Maged '21
Dillon Malkani '23
Talia Panagiotopoulos '22
Natasha Popenoe '21
Sophia Poretsky '21
Anna Rose Robinson '22
Nicole Samuels '21
Devon Sims '22

About Teens With Heartsongs

Teens with Heartsongs is a leadership program for high school students that provides teens with important life skills, an introduction to philanthropy and building community, and of course the ability to know that they are making a difference in the hearts, minds and health of hundreds of children each year.