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Bullis Shark Tank Competition 2021 Winner: MyCollegeApp

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Bullis Shark Tank Competition 2021 Winner: MyCollegeApp
Bullis Shark Tank My College App

The 2021 Bullis Shark Tank premiered on the Bullis YouTube channel on Wednesday, April 14, kicking off the Bullis Annual Signature Programs Symposium. Thirty-two Bullis Entrepreneurship seniors worked on eight start-up teams to compete for a $10,000 investment.

The eight-teams include:

  • Ósun - a customized hair care subscription service.
    Student Team: Alexis Emery, Chloe Manos, Nigel Tate, Canaan Tomlin.
  • MyCollegeApp - a college counseling department right in the palm of your hands.
    Student Team: Colleen Kazanjian, Aamilah Khanu, Jordan Maged, Troi Prophet.
  • Politapedia - an app that makes learning about politics fun and easy.
    Student Team: Sam Bromberg, Kade Friedlander, Bryan Tan, Ethan Till.
  • EZSwaps - a website to buy, sell, and trade without spending a penny.
    Student Team: Spencer Hughes, Dean Katz, Tyler Kuehl, Brad Yang.
  • Alleviation - an all-in-one body wash and pain reliever.
    Student Team: Ainsley Booth, Lainey Green, Maddison Rau, Max Samuels.
  • FitRite - a browser extension that allows you to see your virtual self in the clothes you shop for.
    Student Team: William Gelb, Jordan Greenstein, James Rodocanachi, Chase Townsend.
  • Reef All-In-One - a healthy frozen fish food vendor for salt and freshwater aquariums.
    Student Team: Jared Cook, Teresa Li, Gene Quodala, Lea Tang.
  • Prep2Table - a sealed disposable food prep container to reduce cross-contamination.
    Student Team: Sloane Bernstein, Cole Hanin, Jacob Maged, William Moreau.

The panel of judges consisted of Ayeshah Abuelhiga, CEO of Mason Dixie Foods; Lars Anderson, Co-Founder of BlueDot Strategies; and Winslow Marshall, Co-Founder of NeoBites.

After reviewing the pitches and interviewing the teams, the judges awarded ten thousand dollars in start-up funds to MyCollegeApp. The innovative, easy-to-use app connects high school students with a cadre of resources to successfully manage the college research and application process.

Shark Tank 2021 Winners My College App

MyCollegeApp team (from left) Troi Prophet, Creative Director of Design and Marketing; Aamilah Khanu, Director Media and Advertising; Colleen Kazanjian, Director of Coding and Data Analytics; and Jordan Maged, Director of Communications. Also pictured (back row) Dr. Matthew C. McKinney and Maria Antokas, Bullis Entrepreneurship Signature Program.


Congratulations to MyCollegeApp and all participating teams!

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About Bullis Signature Programs Symposium

Bullis offers four Signature Programs

The Bullis Annual Signature Programs Symposium is a three-day event that showcases the spectacular accomplishments of our Senior Capstone students. The event starts with the Bullis Shark Tank competition where Entrepreneurship students create start-up businesses to compete for an investment in their company — and ends with Senior Capstone Project presentations in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Visual & Performing Arts, and Humanities & Global Studies.

Bullis School offers Signature Programs in four subject areas; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM), Visual & Performing Arts, Humanities & Global Studies, and Entrepreneurship. Signature Programs offer students access to these areas of focus from Kindergarten through 12th grade. Students are given the flexibility to dig deeper into areas of interest and passion while meeting broad academic requirements. By senior year, students have the opportunity to develop expertise and an in-depth independent year-long Senior Capstone Project in one of the four areas.