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Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Global Village

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Celebrating Cultural Diversity at Global Village

Bullis embraces cultural diversity with its annual Global Village event, organized by the Parents Association for Lower and Middle School students. Held most recently on March 12, the event transformed the BDC Studio Theater into a vibrant international destination to showcase the rich culture our world has to offer.

Global Village aims to foster curiosity, openness, and an appreciation for international diversity, preparing students to become empathetic and globally aware citizens. Students explore various countries' traditions, music, food, crafts, and more through interactive exhibits. This hands-on experience makes learning more engaging and helps instill a sense of curiosity and openness in the students. A scavenger hunt and a Global Village passport, where students receive a stamp for each 'country' visited, adds an element of adventure to the learning process.

The representation of 20 countries, including the Bahamas, Brazil, China, Colombia, France, Ghana, Greece, Haiti, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Mexico, Poland, Singapore, Turkey, and Vietnam, ensures that students are exposed to a broad range of cultures.

The success of Global Village is a result of our parent volunteers, who made it possible. This annual event educates and inspires, highlighting the importance of embracing and celebrating our differences for a more interconnected global community.