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The Bullis Entrepreneurship Department Announces Their Entrepreneurs in Residence for 2022-2023

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The Bullis Entrepreneurship Department Announces Their Entrepreneurs in Residence for 2022-2023

(l to r): Brett Bernstein, Barbara Guterman, and Mark Bucher.

The Entrepreneurship Signature Program is pleased to announce three new Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) for the coming academic year. The purpose of the program connects Bullis Capstone students with successful entrepreneurs in the community to add value to the student's learning experience. The EIRs will be mentoring, coaching, advising, and guiding Capstone teams in the creation and launch of their start-ups at various points throughout the year.

EIRs are experts in various areas of entrepreneurship including business design, financing and fundraising, and marketing. Their experience will help the honors capstone students bridge the theoretical principles of entrepreneurship with the practical aspects of starting a business. Their role is to share real-world experiences and best practices during their presentations and meetings with individual teams.

Our three Entrepreneurs are Mr. Brett Bernstein, CEO and Co-founder of XML Financial Group and the sponsor of the Entrepreneurship Signature Program at Bullis; Mrs. Barbara Guterman, founder of Teach, Give, Inspire, Fridays which is a platform for women to inform with passion; and Mr. Mark Bucher, Entrepreneur and founder of Medium Rare.

They are all closely connected to Bullis and the program. Mr. Bernstein's eldest daughter, Sloane, is a graduate of the program, and his daughter, Summer is currently taking Entrepreneurship classes and actively involved in leadership roles in business clubs and community outreach. Mrs. Guterman's son, Brett, is also a graduate of the program and is growing the business he started in the capstone, OTGBABY, a diaper bag that turns into a changing table. Mr. Bucher is a former guest speaker and his daughter, Darin, is starting her junior year at Bullis.

We look forward to working with our Entrepreneurs-In-Residence this year and taking the Honors Capstone to a new level.