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All The World's A Stage," A Virtual Celebration of Shakespeare

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All The World's A Stage," A Virtual Celebration of Shakespeare
Bullis Upper School Fall Play Shakespeare

For the Upper School Theatre's video production of "All The World's A Stage," a virtual celebration of Shakespeare, the Bullis campus became the stage!

It was important to continue our commitment to our students and provide them with as many performance opportunities as possible. We're used to performing live, on-stage in front of an audience — not for a camera. When we started this adventure we weren't sure how it would go. It was difficult at times as we all had a lot to learn, as well as navigate our health and safety protocols. But in true Bullis fashion, each student committed to their role and gave it their all.Marcia Franklin, Upper School Technical Director/Theater Arts

With masks, distancing, and a brilliant use of campus locations as well as technological trickery, our Bullis Players presented scenes, songs, and modern interpretations in a creative and joyful homage to Shakespeare's work and influence.

Bravo! Encore! And congratulations to all!

Want to view the video production? Parents will receive a link to view full performances in this Thursday's e-newsletter, the Connection.